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You May Be Sleeping, but Your Body Is Still Hard at Work

· Article

You May Be Sleeping, but Your Body Is Still Hard at Wo

Ah, sleep. That wonderful time when you can let go and rest easy. It’s a good-for-you break from your day-to-day mental and physical activities.


You know the many benefits of sleep (better heart health, a stronger immune system and even a better sex life, to name a few); how long you should sleep (seven to eight hours per night); and even what you shouldn’t do before you sleep (like use electronics).


But did you realize that while you’re checked out your body and mind are still hard at work?


While you snooze your brain is busy creating new memories and linking old ones. But that’s not all it’s up to. Click here to find out about the other magical things your noggin is taking care of while you’re in la-la land.


Want to know what the rest of your body is doing under the cover of night? Check out this infographic from The Huffington Post to see what else in happening while you’re catching ZZZs.



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