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Yes, This Happens To Your Body While You Sleep

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Yes, This Happens To Your Body While You Sleep

It’s Monday morning, you’re tired and already thinking about the weekend. The workload seems to be unbearable; and instead of the normal 40 hours you put in during the week, you’re now stuck putting in overtime. Little did you know, your body puts in overtime as well; except it’s constant, 24/7, 365 days a year. Which leads to this … Ever wonder what happens to your body while you’re asleep? From hair-growth to locking in new memories and filing away the old ones, your body is a hard working machine.  Below are 8 GIFs describing what happens to your body while you sleep.


1. Appearance: Hair grows faster as you sleep



2. Blood Pressure: Drops and increases during sleep phases.



3. Body Temperature: The lower your body temperature the better you sleep.



4. Brain: Locks in new memories and stores away the old.



5. Breathing Rate: Decreases at first, then picks up and varies during REM sleep.



6. Eyeballs: Rapid eye movement occurs during REM sleep.



7. Heart Rate: Slows down 10-30 beats per min. Can pick back up during REM sleep.



8. Kidneys: Filters slowly, producing less urine.




You learn something new everyday, right?!


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