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Which TV Character’s Bedroom Matches Your Personal Style?

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Which TV Character's Bedroom Matches Your Personal Sty

Looking for a little interior decorating inspiration? Skip the magazine rack and go right to the small screen. It’s the golden age of television; characters have never been more interesting, and their bedroom sets have never been more on point.


This short quiz will help you find your TV soul mate and give you a few ideas for bringing more personality to your bedroom decor.


1. You love waking to the sound of


a. A light knock at the door indicating morning tea and toast are served

b. Jock jams or Christmas carols

c. Seagulls and crashing waves

d. The jingly ring of a wall-mounted rotary phone


2. Your ideal Saturday night includes


a. A quiet, classic dinner at home—black-tie attire, a seven-course meal, a nightcap in the salon

b. Bottomless hot cocoa and unlimited chicken fingers

c. A private helicopter ride to the symphony

d. An evening hike through the forests of rural Indiana


3. A bedroom’s lighting fixtures should


a. Be 50 percent chandelier, 30 percent candle, 20 percent wall sconce

b. Be festive—twinkle lights, paper lanterns or glow-in-the-dark planet stickers

c. Double as a hidden vault

d. Double as a means of communication with a parallel universe


4. Your favorite color is


a. Ruby, emerald or sapphire

b. Hot pink

c. The color of money

d. Is wood paneling a color?


5. On your nightstand, you always keep


a. A rare book of classic poetry

b.The Baby-Sitters Club Mystery #12: Dawn and the Surfer Ghost”

c. A fully charged cell phone and a go-bag

d. A rotary phone, an extra set of Christmas lights, and an ax


6. You like to cover your walls in


a. Velvet wallpaper and family portraits

b. Street finds—it’s amazing what people are just giving away

c. Contemporary abstract art—it’s an investment

d. Mostly DIY projects, like the full alphabet in black paint or gaping ax holes


7. Your favorite floral arrangement is


a. Tea roses fresh from the garden

b. Something fancy, like pink carnations

c. A beautiful and poisonous orchid

d. Who has time for flowers?


Mostly A’s: Your style is traditional and romantic, with a touch of drama, like Lady Mary Crawley from the critically acclaimed “Downton Abbey.” Like Lady Mary, you value elegance, especially in your bedroom decor, or should we say, your boudoir. Consider visiting an antique shop for a four-poster bed, velvet chaise longue and a collection of pewter picture frames.


Mostly B’s: Your style is quirky, youthful and eclectic, like the title character of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.” Kimmy spent most of her teen and early adult years in a bunker, but that didn’t hamper her positive energy and colorful style. Kimmy decorates her closet-sized bedroom on a budget, with a lot of creativity and resourcefulness. A vintage scarf can double as a window dressing, for example.


Mostly C’s: Your style is sophisticated, sleek and modern, like Bobby “Axe” Axelrod of “Billions.” Bobby transforms himself, via questionable means, into a hedge fund king with a slick waterfront mansion. His master suite exemplifies new money luxury. To emulate Axe’s style, you may want to hire an interior decorator. Or, grab a few cans of slate-colored paint, hit up IKEA and fake it ’til you make it.


Mostly D’s: Your style is edgy and retro, like Joyce Byers from the sci-fi hit “Stranger Things.” Joyce transforms her living room into an all-purpose bedroom, hideout and hub for extraterrestrial communication. But she does it with 1980s flair and a punk-rock sensibility. So crank up The Clash and get deconstructionist—just try to avoid smashing the support beams.



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