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What Do Couples Really Want for Valentine’s Day?

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What Do Couples Really Want for Valentine's Day?

In the quest for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, a lot of couples may be overlooking the simplest gift of all: A good night’s rest. While most think of flowers or nice dinners as the most romantic gesture, a recent study of 1,000 Americans, ages 18+, commissioned by sleep innovation leader Sleep Number found that quality sleep was more desirable than receiving gifts.


  • 61% said that getting consistent, quality sleep was more desirable than receiving gifts from their significant other;
  • 63% said that getting quality sleep is “critical” to maintaining a happy relationship;
  • Yet only 28% state that they consistently get great sleep.


One couple that understands how sleep supports their relationship is Sean and Catherine Lowe from season 17 of “The Bachelor.” Says Catherine, “Sleep is really important to Sean and me. It always has been. When we first got married, we had a few sleep issues – as most couples do, I would imagine – but those were all solved with the effortless sleep we get from Sleep Number 360 smart bed. Better sleep has made a huge difference in how we relate to each other and our children. Getting great sleep has meant more romance for us (wink!) and more patience with our kids – it’s been so important in keeping us happy!”



Like diet and exercise, quality sleep is essential for optimal health and performance. Because everyone’s sleep needs are different, Sleep Number 360® smart beds, with SleepIQ® technology inside, sense your movements and automatically adjust firmness, comfort and support to keep you both sleeping comfortably. Find your Sleep Number® setting for your best possible night’s sleep.


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