Chia seed pudding in glass container with granola and blueberries on top.

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Trade Up Your Breakfast With Pudding

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Trade Up Your Breakfast With Pudding

Starting your morning with a healthy breakfast can reduce hunger all day long, boost energy, and help you make healthy choices throughout the day, according to the Mayo Clinic. Going to bed knowing your breakfast is already made also sets you up for a good night’s sleep.


But in the interest of eating healthy and saving time, we sometimes get stuck in a breakfast rut.


If you’re looking to mix up your morning meal, chia seed pudding is a healthy and adaptable option. Whole chia seeds soaked in milk expand as they take on liquid, forming a tapioca-like texture that results in a pudding less thick than most yogurts. Mix-ins, like fruits and nuts, as well as sweeteners, let you customize the pudding to your taste.


The dish can be made in the evening and put it in the refrigerator to form overnight. Chia pudding lasts about five days in the refrigerator, so check making breakfast off your daily to-do list.


Healthy Components


The most basic chia pudding recipes can be made vegan and low-carb, depending on the milk and sweetener, and only involve a few components:

  • A scoop of chia seeds, which Healthline notes have antioxidants as well as high amounts of fiber and protein. You’ll find the seeds in most grocery and health food stores. Buy whole seeds to make a pudding with tapioca-like texture — using ground seeds will result in a smoother texture.
  • Add your preferred milk, which could be cow’s milk, or a nut or soy milk. Almond milk is one good low-carb option with other great benefits, according to Healthline.
  • Mix in a sweetener, like honey or maple syrup, or leave this out for a low-sugar option.


Shake It Up


To make the pudding, combine one cup of milk, 2 to 4 tablespoons of seeds, and a tablespoon of sweetener in a jar or other lidded container — increase the proportions to make a bigger batch . Mix the contents with a spoon, or close the lid and shake. Place the mixture in the refrigerator to set up overnight. You may want to give the mixture one final stir or shake before bed to ensure the seeds get evenly dispersed.


After making your first batch, you can adjust the amount of seeds and sweetener that you prefer. You can also play around with different puddings by adding cacao powder for chocolate pudding, or vanilla, cinnamon, or nut butter for other flavors. In the morning, try topping it off with fresh or dried fruit, almonds, granola or coconut flakes.


This make-ahead pudding may reduce some of the morning scramble, and become a healthy part of your morning routine.


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