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Tips for Creating Sleep-Inducing Environments for Everyone in the House

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Tips for Creating Sleep-Inducing Environments for Ever

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Having renovated four different kinds of sleep spaces in our home over the last year, we learned that not everyone sleeps the same and not every kind of bedroom needs the same things. But one thing is for certain – everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. So whether you’re tackling your own bedroom, a guest room, kids’ room or a nursery, here are our best tips for creating a sleep-inducing environment.


For the Kids


Although we definitely strive to make the bunk room for our daughters a place they enjoy, we take special note to keep it free from distracting toys that would keep them up late or cause them to jump out of bed early to play. Instead, we stock their room with children’s books and have reading lights in their individual bunks to help them wind down, if they feel the need. Keeping their room set apart for sleeping from the very start has also helped us get the most sleep possible while raising little ones.


In the Nursery 


Having just finished our third nursery, we’ve learned a thing or two about creating space that encourages a baby to sleep their best. While every baby is different, for us, a white noise sound machine (a fan works, too!) and blackout shades are high on the list. Together, they can create a time-to-sleep environment no matter the time of day. We also love to keep the color palette soothing and serene, and no nursery is complete without a cozy glider in place to rock the baby (and tired mama) to sleep.


Be Our Guest


If you host guests frequently and are lucky enough to have a guest room in your home, keeping it cozy, clean and minimal is the perfect way to make guests feel at home, and also like they are away at a retreat. In our own guest room we love to include the Wi-Fi password displayed prominently and a few light reading materials. For sleep sake, be sure to allow for temperature control – and since you never know if someone sleeps hot or cold, layering is key.  I love layering soft sheets with a light coverlet and then a warm duvet so our guests can choose how many or few blankets they need. I also put a basket with extra blankets by the bed – you never know!


In the Master Bedroom


In our bedroom, there are definitely a few standout things that help us relax to the max. The deep, moody paint color (Benjamin Moore’s Chelsea gray), a soft breeze – thanks to the ceiling fan on its lowest setting – and our cushy headboard allow us to unwind comfortably before officially dozing off. The velvet drapes are soft on the eyes, but block out light like a champ. Bedside lamps trump overhead light, and immediately allow our brains to start winding down when we’re turning in for the night.


And, of course, our Sleep Number® mattress, which allows both of us to custom fit our sleep needs to our own bodies, has drastically improved the amount of restful sleep we get each and every night.


At the end of the day, literally, we take sleep seriously around here and consider it one of the healthiest things you can do for your mind, body and soul. Investing energy and resources into making the bedrooms in your home sleep sanctuaries will never be done in vain.


This post is sponsored by Sleep Number. All thoughts are my own.


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