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Podcast: Time Management and Technology – “Humans of New York” Photographer and Storyteller, Brandon Stanton, Reflects

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Podcast: Time Management and Technology – “Humans

How do you manage your time? Is it the hours you put into building your brand? How about the time spent watching Netflix? Or … the hours spent browsing your phone? Brandon Stanton, “Humans of New York” photographer and storyteller, says it best, “Competition for time is getting higher and higher and higher.” Technology plays a role in this. Advertisers and networks find every way possible to keep you spending more time on your devices. As someone constantly pushing out content to his audience, which happens to be displayed on screens, Stanton recognizes this. Listen in as he chats with Arianna Huffington about time management and technology’s role in helping us make time for ourselves.



This episode of The Thrive Global Podcast is sponsored by Sleep Number.

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