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The Sleep Routines of Successful People

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The Sleep Routines of Successful People

Success is neither random nor singular, and perhaps the habits that some of the most accomplished people in the world have mastered begin where some may least expect it: when they check out for the night.


The basic daytime routines of many successful people get a lot of press; what about when the lights go off?


1. Arianna Huffington, founder of The Huffington Post Media Group


Huffington sleeps for 7 hours, from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. In her book “The Sleep Revolution” she explains why she believes in a tech-free bedroom and reads “real books” before sleep. She also advocates for taking time to wind down before bed each night, and believes that the bedroom should be an oasis, a place to escape from the day.


2. Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon.com


Bezos is known for being a sleep advocate. Inc. reports that he considers his 8 hours a necessity to maintain “alertness and clarity of thought necessary to tackle each day’s challenges.” He also makes sure that he spends each morning with his wife, as he wants her to receive the best of his energy each day. When he first started out, he was known to take naps in a sleeping bag he would bring to his office.


3. Vera Wang, fashion designer


Wang’s trick to getting a great night’s sleep lies in decor, of course. She told Fortune that her bedroom is her “sanctuary,” or “refuge.” She attributes enough rest to ensuring she doesn’t experience burnout, and it’s in her bedroom that she does a great deal of designing, too.


4. Barack Obama, president of the United States


Obama sleeps barely 6 hours each night, after 1 a.m., according to the New York Times. He’s known to be a night owl, often holding meetings late into the night. He says he reads for a half hour before bed, and then writes. Beforehand, he makes sure he has dinner with his family, hangs out with his kids, and is there to help put them to sleep, too.


5. Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter


Dorsey makes sure to log exactly 7 hours of sleep before he logs online for the day, he says in a question-and-answer session on Product Hunt.. He also practices yoga and meditation, making sure he hits the mat for some deep breathing and mindfulness for 30 minutes each morning (he wakes up at 5 a.m.). He also does a 7-minute workout three times, has a cup of coffee in the morning, and recommends blackout curtains when it’s time for rest.


6. Mariah Carey, Grammy-award winning singer/songwriter


Carey sleeps for a whopping 15 hours each night and has numerous humidifiers around her while she does so. “Basically it’s like sleeping in a steam room,” she told V Magazine. The humidifiers are supposed to help her throat, her most delicate instrument.


7. Melissa Stockwell, Olympic paratriathlete


To gear up for the games, Stockwell practices “sleep training,” arguing that restorative rest and visualization are her secrets to success. “Deep sleep not only restores the spirit, but energizes the brain and body. Too little, and your ability to make split-second decisions is compromised,” she writes in The Huffington Post



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