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The Necessity of Non-Negotiable Me Time

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The Necessity of Non-Negotiable Me Time

Work meetings, brunch dates with friends, your daughter’s basketball games — you dutifully jot down all your commitments to keep everything on track. But no matter how full the calendar, there’s often one thing missing: time to do absolutely nothing. Raise your hand if you can relate.

A Fun Timeout

Just as you ascribe importance to all those other things in your planner, it’s equally important to block out some personal time. This is an hour or two every week that is a permanent and non-negotiable scheduled break for you to check in with yourself. If someone invites you somewhere during that time, don’t feel guilty about saying no —think of this commitment just like you would a dentist appointment or tickets to a show.

Time alone can feel indulgent, but it’s not a luxury. Just like eating well, exercising and getting quality sleep are essential for your health, so is giving yourself a break to de-stress and refocus.

Think about how computers slow down when they haven’t been restarted in a while. Rebooting your brain — that is, providing it with a fresh start — makes it easier to move through your day with patience, energy and efficiency.

Make It Happen

Adding another item to an already-packed schedule may seem tough, but don’t let that deter you. If you don’t already have an organizational system that works well, consider creating a bullet journal; a unique list-making system that helps you stay on top of to-do items and events in a way that may feel less overwhelming.

Once you have the time blocked off, consider how you want to recharge. Some people love the consistency of doing the same thing every week, while others enjoy trying something new.

  • Work on a small puzzle
  • Draw a bath
  • Take a walk
  • Keep a journal (you might try a gratitude, feelings, or worry journal)
  • Develop a stretching routine
  • Organize a closet or a pantry (taming the chaos in a small area may make you feel calmer)
  • Cook a new recipe
  • Focus more time on your bedtime routine Ideas Here

With that deliberate time spent re-centering, you’ll hopefully feel more focused and positive when it’s time to return to life’s responsibilities. Of course, the ultimate me-time is quality sleep time, so it’s worth prioritizing good sleep every night. Check out a Sleep Number bed if you don’t already have one.

Everybody has different ways of taking care of themselves. How do you use your non-negotiable me time?

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