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Surprise Kids With New Family Game Night Location

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Surprise Kids With New Family Game Night Location

These simple bedroom-based games will bring your whole gang together for a fun bonding activity on a rainy morning or a quiet night in — no tables (or tablets) required.




Little prep is required for this timeless classic. Invite the kids to get in their pajamas (or if it’s a rainy morning, to stay in them) and come to the master bedroom. Have everyone snuggle in your bed, then choose a volunteer to act out the person, place, action or thing of his or her choosing. The rest of the family watches from the bed, shouting out their guesses. Whoever guesses correctly acts out the next charade. If you have a big family, siblings can partner up. You could also choose a theme, like Disney characters or family vacation locations, to narrow things down.


It’s more fun to let creativity lead, but you can use index cards or Post-it Notes to write out a few suggestions for the kids (or grown-ups) who may need inspiration.




This might be best suited for a family with teens and preteens, but it can still be a fun group game for little observers. One person volunteers to be the psychiatrist and leaves the bedroom, while the rest decide on a pattern the psychiatrist must figure out by asking a series of questions. For example, everyone must answer questions by including the word “blue,” or by snapping their fingers after every answer, or by answering for the person sitting to their left. The psychiatrist continues to ask questions until he or she figures out the pattern.


Whisper Down the Lane


Pre-cell phone generations knew this game as “telephone.” Sit in a circle, and have one person start by whispering a short message into the ear of the person sitting next to them, then pass it on. The last person to receive the message must say it out loud. See how closely it matches the original.


If You Love Me, Won’t You Please Smile?


This game typically involves sitting in a chair, but sitting on the bed works just as well. The objective is simple: To keep a straight face while someone tries to make you smile. Sit directly in front of the person, make eye contact, and say, “[Name], if you love me, won’t you please smile?” In response, with a completely straight face and not even a hint of a smile, the person must say, “[Name], I do love you, but no, I cannot smile.” Repeat until the person smiles, adding in funny faces or silly voices if the player is particularly stone-faced.


When the next rainy day rolls around, keep the tablets in the drawers and head to the bedroom instead. Be prepared for laughs, and maybe a pillow fight or two.




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