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Super Bowl Host Committee: Interview with Mayo Clinic’s April Elsinger

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Super Bowl Host Committee: Interview with Mayo Clinic'

With Super Bowl LII scheduled to take place in Minneapolis in a few short weeks, Minnesota companies like Sleep Number and institutions like Mayo Clinic are getting ready roll out the red carpet. Parties and events—for visitors and locals alike—are planned to coincide with the February 4 event. We recently caught up with April Elsinger, a member of the Mayo’s marketing staff, to see what her organization is planning for the event—and how she’s dealing with the related stress and deadlines.


How long have you been planning for the Big Game?

Mayo Clinic is a founding member of Minnesota’s Super Bowl host committee, and I’ve been preparing for the related events for almost two years. I definitely wake up in the middle of the night thinking of things that need to be done.  It has meant longer hours and prioritizing. But it’s exciting.


Human trafficking isn’t something people usually think of when they think of the Super Bowl. Tell us more about your work to educate the community.

Mayo Clinic’s involvement includes a variety of activities leading up to and during Super Bowl week. One of these is an ongoing effort to educate the community about human trafficking. Human trafficking encompasses any sexual exploitation of individuals for monetary gain, and research indicates a correlation between large-scale events and a temporary uptick in sex trafficking.

In this respect, the Super Bowl is not unique, and media coverage of the Big Game often includes stories on possible sex trafficking. We hope to heighten awareness of sex trafficking and provide a platform for Minnesotans to help victims. Mayo has partnered with a nonprofit advocacy organization, The Link, and created the website RiseUpGifts.org to raise awareness of sex trafficking and inspire people to make a difference. RiseUpGifts.org is an online gift registry where people can fund basic necessities that help sex-trafficking victims become survivors. The Link will distribute these gifts to people in need.

Sleep Number comment: Thanks for doing this.


You mention having other activities. What else will the Mayo Clinic have for Big Game visitors?

In the days leading up to the game, Mayo will also offer the general public a chance to peek inside its sports-medicine clinic located in downtown Minneapolis. Visitors can pre-register for a mini-clinic and see what it’s like to be a pro athlete for a day. You can get an up-close perspective on movement analysis, learn about physiology and nutrition, and witness demonstrations of the latest exercise-lab technology. (Click here to learn more.)


How do you stay balanced during this busy time?

Planning these and the various other events for Mayo Clinic takes time and effort, and related stress could easily overwhelm those involved. I keep things in balance with a daily workout, and try to eat right and get enough sleep. I find that a daily workout helps me sleep better overall, puts me in better mood, and probably makes it easier to work around me.

It’ll all be worth it when the events are wrapped up, though. Planning for the Super Bowl has given me a shot of adrenaline—energy that powers me through even sleep-deprived days. And having a deadline keeps me zeroed in. I try to focus on what’s important. I try to let the little stuff go.


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