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Sleep’s Role in Helping Students Across the U.S. (Insider Story)

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Sleep's Role in Helping Students Across the U.S. (Insi

Angela Jerabek spends many days on the road, visiting schools around the USA. We recently caught up with her during a rare down moment at home in Minnesota, to hear how quality sleep powers her travels to help students across the U.S.

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Educator and Sleep Number bed Insider, Angela Jerabek

Hi, Angela! Let’s start with your bedtime routine. How do you wind down at the end of the day to get ready for the next day?

I love to read before I got to sleep. That’s a helpful way to get away from technology. And, I sometimes watch an episode of “Friends.” It’s calming because it’s familiar. I usually go to sleep around 11 p.m.

Tell us a bit about your life and how your bed helps you, day-to-day.

I work in education, for a nonprofit that helps schools make sure all students are thriving. We work with all kinds of schools—schools that are under-serviced and schools that are high-performing—to make sure they’re building positive and functional relationships, so the staff is all connecting and they’re connecting with the students, and the students are all connecting and it’s a healthy environment. We train our schools using data, and the goal is that this helps the schools do better—the students thrive, the teachers are happier.

I travel across the country, working directly with schools, so I can understand what the staff and students are experiencing. And when I’m back home, I’m working with our coaches and evaluators, to make sure we’re able to service our schools. So either I’m on video calls or I’m on-site. It’s a lot of direct interaction with people.

Getting a good night’s sleep is absolutely critical. When you’re trying to have this authentic relationship with people, it’s harder if you’re not rested and up to speed. I’m meeting new people all the time, and I have to be ready for that.

What other things do you like to do?

We like to travel. We’re going to Italy this spring. We’re starting to do more kids trips, now that our kids are in college.

Is a Sleep Number Bed Worth It?

I think we’ve had our Sleep Number bed about six years. Game-changer! I have told multiple people to buy one, because it has changed my life.

My husband likes a harder setting and I like a softer setting. Who knew? We’ve been married all these years, I didn’t know that until we had a Sleep Number bed.

How has your bed helped you?

I definitely sleep much better. I get to sleep much faster and I always sleep right through the night and I feel so much better.

And, finally, what is your Sleep Number setting?

Mine is 25 and my husband, John, is 65 or 70.

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Top photo by moren hsu on Unsplash

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