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Sleep Number CEO Prediction: Ten Years from Now Your Bed Will Be As Central to Your Life as Your Phone is Today

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Sleep Number CEO Prediction: Ten Years from Now Your B

It’s time to fundamentally change our thinking about what a bed is. I like to make this comparison: Ten years ago, a phone was used only for conversations and email. Now it’s a hub for our lives.


I envision a similar role for our beds. Most likely, you spend more time in your bed than with any other product. In 2018, the average person will spend about 4 months in their bed. And the quality of that time will determine the quality of the other 8 months out in the world. At Sleep Number we’re working toward making the bed a hub like your phone, but one that promotes health, well-being, empathy and resilience.


Research demonstrates when we don’t get enough quality sleep, our judgment suffers. Our ability to trust and empathize with others is impaired. And we are more prone to act in ways that harm our relationships at work, at home, and everywhere else. This doesn’t need to be our story going forward. There is a simple solution: quality sleep.


The process begins with understanding. Every night, hundreds of thousands of people climb into their Sleep Number® beds with SleepIQ® technology. It’s like one of the largest sleep studies in history, conducted over and over and over again. SleepIQ technology generates more than 4 billion high-quality biometric data points each night, and our algorithms are beginning to interpret the impacts of sleep on many different aspects of health.


We believe having large amounts of quality data and deep insights that effortlessly add value to your life is the future. For example, the Sleep Number360™ smart bed measures your biometrics throughout the night and adjusts itself based on your individual data. As our SleepIQ platform integrates into an expanding Internet of Things, it’s easy to imagine your bed could also adjust the lighting, temperature and noise in your home to help you get your best sleep.


In addition to helping you keep a strong body and mind, in the future, platforms like SleepIQ technology could detect the risk of early onset of conditions, like heart disease and diabetes; share this information with your doctor; monitor you after medical procedures, so you can recover at home instead of at a medical facility; and identify and warn of spreading local illnesses like the flu. These are just a few of the possibilities.


We may still call this a bed, just like we call our phones a phone. But it will have transformed into the center of your health and well-being.


I have a vision of a world where we place quality sleep at the center of our lives, supported by a next generation of integrated sleep technology and analytics. It’s a society with greater understanding, empathy and kindness. At Sleep Number, we are innovating to drive a health and wellness revolution with quality sleep at its center.


Think of all the social contexts where better sleep will create a kinder world. Sleep quantity and quality have been shown to have large implications for kids’ performance at school. A recent article in the Harvard Business Review reported 43% of business leaders say they don’t get enough sleep, meaning their judgment and empathy are impaired as they make critical decisions for their companies. And studies have shown that poor sleep inhibits trust and the ability to recognize others’ emotions, having implications for our relationships with those who are closest to us.


Innovations like this will transform how people live their lives, and help them realize their full potential. Remember that the first four hours of quality sleep rejuvenates the body, while the second four hours restores the mind. Adequate REM sleep is the difference between being in a good or bad mood; it affects our judgment and our moral calculus.


My personal mantra is: Sleep well, dream big. We all need excellent sleep to be our best, to strengthen our connections to one another, and to expand the frontier of what’s possible.


Quality sleep can and will change the world. You may think this is an audacious claim, and it is. But it is also true.


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