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How a Sleep Number Bed Can Ruin Everything

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How a Sleep Number Bed Can Ruin Everything

Let’s be honest: Not everybody likes change. So it only seems fair that we should let you know that purchasing a Sleep Number bed or pillow is probably going to transform your life in unexpected ways. It’s an unavoidable fact: Some things will never be the same.


What will be different? What are the hazards? Here’s what we hear from our customers.


Your daydreams will turn to sleep.


Our customers tell us that snoozing on a Sleep Number bed is like sleeping on a cloud. It’s comfy. Even heavenly. But the downside is that you may start wanting breakfast in bed on weekdays. Or hit the snooze button repeatedly–not because you’re sleepy, but because you love the feeling of being so relaxed. At work, you may find yourself drifting off in a meeting with your boss, thinking about your mattress. “I’ve never been so happy and wanting to get back in bed,” James, from Williamsburg, Virginia, told us. “It’s so comfortable.”


You’ll wake up thinking you’re a superhero.


Our customers tell us they spring out of bed in the morning. They wake up feeling “incredible,” “refreshed,” and “with no pain.” We approve. Just don’t try to fly.


You’ll dread vacation.


Sleeping on one of our beds might make another mattress feel like a bed of nails (Ouch!). Customers tell us they now think twice about staying overnight in the guest room when visiting friends or family (“No thanks. I’ll just drive four hours back home, okay?”). And a hotel stay seems less like a glam getaway and more like jail time. Fortunately Lori, from Sarcoxie, Missouri, figured out a way to travel without worrying about getting a good night’s sleep: “I have a Sleep Number mattress at home and wouldn’t switch for anything,” she says. “I finally decided to purchase a Sleep Number bed for our RV so we can sleep the same at home or on the road.”


Numbers will begin to obsess you.


How long did you really sleep? How much did you toss and turn? If you prefer to live like an ostrich or have a fear of numbers, then our beds probably aren’t for you. Our SleepIQ technology tracks your sleep through the night and can offer you insight into why you feel rested or tired. “I love the ability to view my sleep ‘vitals’ from my iPhone,” says F.S., of Albuquerque, New Mexico.


You may become one of those constantly cheerful and disgustingly happy couples.


“For 25 years we used to fight over our bed. I love a very firm mattress and my husband likes marshmallow soft,” says Cindy, from Memphis Tennessee. “Now neither of us has to compromise.” Meanwhile, Tami from Sacramento, California, says, “We love our bed! In 29 years of marriage, we now have a bed we both can agree on. He has a firm side and I have a soft side. Comfy bed equals a very happy marriage!” Don’t say we didn’t warn you: Everything could change.




If you’re willing to take the plunge to see how your life changes, learn more about Sleep Number beds at www.sleepnumber.com.







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