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Sleep Number Becomes Official Bed of Santa Claus

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Sleep Number Becomes Official Bed of Santa Claus

Santa and Mrs. Claus have a new bed and they’re talking about their daily sleep routine at + New sleep survey shows what’s keeping you up at night during the holidays. Can you relate?


As the holiday season approaches, Santa and Mrs. Claus will be catching enough zzz’s this year as they sleep on the all-new official bed of Santa Claus – a Sleep Number® bed.


The Sleep Number bed offers the Clauses much needed rest and recovery as they gear up for the busiest time of the year. Using the SleepIQ® technology from their Sleep Number 360™ smart bed, Santa and Mrs. Claus have learned how to get the most out of their sleep, and they want to share that with families during the holidays. Keep up with the Clauses as they prepare for the big night by reading their almost-daily comments at


Santa’s latest entry shares, “Less than one week until the big night and my sleep is more important than ever this week in preparation for delivering presents all night. Typically, around this time, I toss and turn, wake up, and then my racing mind keeps me awake. But because our Sleep Number bed adjusts as I move throughout the night, it keeps me sleeping soundly. I’ve also learned not to check the weather at night before bed, because the blue light keeps me up late way past my bedtime.” #NorthPoleNights


Santa and Mrs. Claus in bed looking at a red journal.

Mrs. Claus has taken our advice to add a nap-u-ccino.  “This time of year, catching zzz’s is at the top of our lists, and I make sure Santa squeezes in a few naps during the weekends. Whenever Santa starts getting anxious about Christmas Eve, I advise to take a ‘nap-u-ccino’. I brew him some fresh peppermint hot chocolate, then ask him to take a quick 20-minute nap.


This helps him to relax, focus and get some good sleep – and take on the rest of his day with gusto. His rest is so, so important so he keeps a clear head and remains quick on his feet – lots of toys to deliver in a 24-hour period,” she exclaims. It takes about 20 minutes for the caffeine to take effect… so he manages to get a quick power nap in, and the small bit of caffeine helps jolt hi out of bed.


Santa in bed in flannel pajamas with Mrs. Claus in flannel pajamas bringing him tea.

The holiday season has historically been a sleepless time for more people than just Santa…Sleep Number’s 2017 holiday sleep survey, which polled more than 1,000 men and women across the U.S. ages 18 years and older, found the following:


  • When compared to other generations, Baby Boomers are most likely to say they will not give-up sleep in order to get it all done during the holiday season (52%), compared to Gen Xers (35%) and Millennials (27%).
  • Millennials are sacrificing sleep more than other age groups throughout the holiday season – they’re most likely to stay up late for Black Friday shopping, and lay awake due to holiday-related stress.
  • Most who lay awake at night don’t have sugarplums dancing in their heads. 38% say they are stressed about shopping, and hosting family and friends.
  • Men ages 55+ are most likely to be early birds… ahem, Santa!


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