White linens and headboard with Mr. and Mrs. embroidered throw pillow, pink lilies next to bed.

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Review: Sleep Cool & Comfy During Menopause

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Review: Sleep Cool & Comfy During Menopause

I’m sure many of you value a good night’s sleep as much as I do. Unfortunately, being too hot or too cold can really interfere with resting well, and awaking refreshed.

My days are long & busy, and if I don’t sleep well, I can’t function at my best. Having frequent hot flashes really interrupts my sleep. In the Winter, I go to bed chilly, snuggle up and get nice and warm under the covers, then drift off to sleep…only to awaken feeling like I’m sleeping on the sun. You throw the covers off, wait for the hot flash to finally pass, start cool off, cover back up… and repeat multiple times throughout the night.

Covers on, covers off. It’s frustrating and exhausting. That being said, I am thrilled to report to you my experience with the Sleep Number Dual Temp Layer that I’ve had the pleasure of getting to try out! I have tried numerous ways to sleep without the interruption of hot-flashes over the years. Honestly, I had zero expectations for this product. I was completely neutral. I fit the demographic because I experience hot flashes, and have for nearly 18 years. If you’ve read my cancer story, you’ll know I had a radical hysterectomy, and that my surgery automatically threw me into medically induced Menopause. I’ve got an overabundance of experience, so I was game to give it a try!

Sleep Number DualTemp layer box next to unmade bed.

My first impression of the Sleep Number Dual Temp Layer was that it was beautifully well packed, and really easy to set-up. I just placed the Sleep Number Dual Temp Layer on my side of the mattress and tucked the ends in. It’s very slim and you can hardly tell there is an extra layer on my side. (I photographed it on top of the sheet so you can get a good look at it, but it lays directly on the mattress, and your fitted sheet goes on top).

Sheets pulled back, showing layer and mechanical parts below bed.

The unit plugs-in and slips under the bed, with only the bit connecting the layer and the unit showing. It’s very low profile.

Bedding removed, showing layer on one side.

I look forward to becoming one with it every night. The first night I tried the layer, because it’s wintertime, I slipped into bed after having the layer set on level one warm (I know…) and read for a bit. It was complete bliss to slip into a warm bed. Not hot, but also not that deep, damp chill that the sheets seem to hold onto in the winter.

Sheets pulled back, showing layer and fabric-wrapped parts going under bed.

Once I settled in, I set it to level one cool. It slowly shifted from warm, to lightly cool, as I turned out the light and drifted off to sleep. Just call me Goldilocks, I wasn’t too warm, or too cool, but just right. I never once woke throwing my covers off. I kid you not. I slept all night at a comfortable temperature.

Sheets pulled back, showing layer and fabric-wrapped parts going under bed.

Covers pulled back, showing fabric-wrapped parts going under bed.

I shifted a few times during the night, rolling over and switching my sleeping side, and I vaguely recall feeling just… a light airiness coming from the layer, almost like an effervescence of cooling comfort. I didn’t have any desire to change the setting on the remote or my blanket situation. Which really surprised me. I usually have a down comforter (which is too hot for Jim) plus a medium weight blanket or two on my side, plus a quilt at the foot of the bed. But because the bed was warm when I slipped into it, I only used a medium weight blanket. I thought for sure I’d would pull more covers onto myself during the night, but I didn’t! You can see how the layer is barely discernible once the bed is made up.

White and natural colored linens with Mr. and Mrs. embroidered throw pillow.

 To say I was delightfully surprised by just how much this improved my quality of sleep would be an understatement. It just felt to me, like my body temperature wasn’t all over the place, for the first time, in a very long time. Good, sound, comfortable sleep is so important for our overall health. I’m excited by my entire week of good sleep, and can’t wait to see how much better I continue to feel! I’d love to answer any question you may have, so please leave them in the comments and I’ll get right back to you. Cheers to hot-flash free nights!! xo Shannon


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This post was sponsored by Sleep Number. All thoughts, as always, are my own.

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