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Insider Story: From Rocky Beginning to Restful Bliss

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Insider Story: From Rocky Beginning to Restful Bliss

First impressions are important. But fate has a way of overcoming even the worst initial encounters.


Katelyn and Bryan Hendrickson got hitched a year ago. The couple shares a home in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, where they are raising two kids. They both love camping and fishing. They seem well matched. Their first meeting, however, was a disaster.


A Terrible Start


Bryan remembers it this way: He was playing volleyball with a league team one evening when he spotted “this gorgeous woman” near the courts. “Being the smooth guy that I am, I tried to start a conversation,” Bryan recalls. “I said, ‘Hey, where do you work?’”


Katelyn nearly fell over. She worked at a law firm, and the firm shared a building with an organization that served people with disabilities. Bryan was the director of operations for that organization – and the two businesses shared a conference room. The law firm occasionally provided services to Bryan’s employer. Katelyn looked him straight in the eye. “We were in the same meeting at 10 o’clock just this morning,” she said. “I was even wearing the same clothes I’m wearing now.”


Tail between his legs, Bryan slunk away.


A Second Chance


Nonetheless, a friend eventually persuaded Katelyn to join Bryan on a date. They met for drinks at a restaurant and were having a good time when suddenly, he asked, “So, do you want to get married?”


Katelyn couldn’t believe he’d popped the question on their first date. “I think I got up and walked outside for a bit of air,” she says. “If he hadn’t driven and I had a car, I would’ve taken off. Eventually I went back inside and said, “Yes, I want to get married – when I find the right guy.”


Bryan insists he was only wondering how Katelyn saw her future – was marriage among her dreams. In the end though, whatever got lost in translation didn’t matter. Soon they were engaged and Bryan moved into her place.


Soft and Hard


Bryan and Katelyn had much in common. But when it came to sleeping and mattresses, they couldn’t have been more different. “I like the pillow-top soft fluffy kind of mattress, and Bryan likes … well, the floor,” she says.


Bryan loved Katelyn, but spending the night at his fiancée’s house was often challenging. “Her bed was super-soft with a crater in the middle,” he says. Most nights we could cuddle for a bit and then I would end up on the floor, where I had an extra set of sheets and pillows. But then I started getting back issues ….”


On the eve of their wedding, the couple decided to visit a Sleep Number® store. Money was tight, but after taking a test nap on a Sleep Number® bed, the pair couldn’t sign the financing plan fast enough. As soon as the bed arrived, Bryan put it together and threw on some sheets and blankets. “That first night was great, until my son, who was sick, came in and threw up in the bed,” Katelyn says.


(Sleep Number® side note: Can’t help but notice a trend regarding failed first impressions with these two. 😉)


A Few Adjustments


Both Katelyn and Bryan adjust the bed for firmness regularly. During pregnancy with her third child, Katelyn changed the settings every few weeks. And Bryan, who otherwise describes himself as a “100 percent” firmness kind of guy, has made changes from time to time to alleviate back pain and soreness.


In conversation, the couple often finishes each other’s sentences. They laugh at each other’s jokes. They tease and cajole. The awkwardness of their first meeting and first date has long since vanished.


“I obviously gave her ample opportunity to walk away from me,” Bryan says. “But here we are.”


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