Restoring Dignity After a Hurricane

You saw it. Read about it. Know someone impacted. Or lived through it yourself. Hundreds of thousands of people are now homeless or displaced due to hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Maria. So now what? What does the “rebuild” process look like for these communities long after the media attention dies down? And, what can we do to help?

“Mattresses are a critical donation for the long-term recovery and rebuilding of a community,” said Tiffany Everett, Director of Disaster Recovery for Good360, the nonprofit leader Sleep Number has partnered with for in-kind giving to support hurricane survivors. “Sadly, families often have to throw away everything due to water damage. We see people, including children, sleeping on floors and air mattresses after a disaster.  A new mattress not only represents a tangible step forward in rebuilding a home, but it also helps restore some level of dignity to a family whose lives have been traumatically altered.”

As a sleep company, the fact that disaster victims may be sleeping on floors is appalling to Sleep Number because we know research proves the connections between quality sleep and overall well-being. Research proves kids are better able to focus and learn at school when well slept. Tempers are tamed. Patience grows larger. Goals are set and met—or exceeded. Your immune system is stronger. Sleep’s benefits go on and on. The past few weeks, we’ve been working with Good360 to donate $1 million worth of Sleep Number beds to those affected by recent hurricanes. Our beds will arrive throughout the next year as families get back into their homes and start the rebuild process.

Good360 is the leader in product philanthropy and purposeful giving and has distributed more than $9 billion in product to those in need, including survivors of disaster.  Good360 partners with corporations that have product to donate and distributes that product through its network of more than 60,000 nonprofit members on the ground in local communities.

“Our goal is to make giving easier and more efficient during times of disaster and in general, by ensuring that we get the right product to the right people at the right time,” said Shari Rudolph, Good360’s Chief Marketing Officer.  “Our partnership with Sleep Number is so valuable because both organizations understand and embrace the need for a long-term commitment when supporting communities impacted by catastrophic disasters like these hurricanes.”

Over the next year, Sleep Number will work with Good360 to learn more about the people impacted by these hurricanes; share their “rebuild” stories, and understand what’s still needed.

While the worst of the storm is over, there’s still so much to do. To learn more, check out