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Quiz: Which Sleepy Character Are You? And Which Bed Is Just Right?

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Quiz: Which Sleepy Character Are You? And Which Bed Is

Answer these 6 questions to find out which type of sleeper you are and how to improve your sleep and temperature during the night.


Getting quality sleep is vital for our health and well-being. Yet, we are all different when it comes to factors like ideal room temperature, mattress firmness and bedtime routines.


So which sleepy character are you? And how can you improve your sleep quality?


Take our quiz and find out.


How do you like your bed’s firmness?
  1. Soft
  2. Medium
  3. Firm
  4. Not sure


What’s your preferred way to unwind at night?
  1. Journal
  2. Enjoy a warm cup of tea
  3. Read a book
  4. Go right to sleep


Do you sleep hot at night? Or are you more likely to be freezing in bed?
  1. Hot
  2. Cold
  3. Neither
  4. It fluctuates


Do you turn on a fan or open a window before you go to sleep?
  1. Yes, and sometimes both. I’m trying to stay cool!
  2. Are you crazy? My teeth are chattering just thinking about it.
  3. If it’s hot, sure. If it’s cold, absolutely not.
  4. Sometimes I don’t even make it to the bed before I fall asleep.


If you’re tossing and turning and can’t sleep, what do you do?
  1. Kick off the covers because it’s too warm in bed.
  2. Bundle up — there’s nothing worse than waking up cold in the middle of the night.
  3. Count back from 1,000 or listen to a meditation.
  4. Get up and have a snack.


Did you know 83% of couples sleep too hot or too cold?*
  1. Well, it’s 100% too hot in this household!
  2. Guess I’m in the 17%, comfortable all the time.
  3. That makes me wonder: Why do I get hot or cold at night?
  4. That’s why I’m glad I sleep alone.




Tally your answers to see which sleepy character best describes you.


Mostly 1s: Spellful Slumberer


When your sleep and temperature circadian rhythms are in sync, it might seem like you’ve been put under the perfect sleeping spell. Getting a good night’s sleep is truly magical.


Individuals who routinely use the Circadian Rhythm (or sleep-wake cycle) Analytics feature in SleepIQ® technology are more consistent, more restful sleepers overall and receive a higher SleepIQ® score by nearly two points.


But getting comfortable can be easier said than done, especially if you tend to run more on the hot side while sleeping. You might think it’s too warm in bed and ask yourself “Why am I always hot at night?” Try a Sleep Number® DualTemp™ layer under the sheets to avoid tossing and turning.


Mostly 2s: Restful Rebel


There’s nothing rebellious about catching quality zzz’s, but you prep for bed in your own unique way. You’re just as comfortable enjoying a night out on the town as you are unwinding with a cup of tea.


However, you might sometimes get cold feet at night or wonder what causes cold sweats. While perimenopause can result in nighttime sweating, cold sweats may also occur due to an injury, nausea, or anxiety. Creating a to-do list before bed can help relieve stress and clear your mind.


Another way to combat cold feet? Take advantage of a Sleep Number® FlexFit™ 3 smart adjustable base, which features foot warming to help you fall asleep faster.


Mostly 3s: Dormant Dozer


You’re a naturally curious person and appreciate the power of a good story. In fact, that can be a helpful way to unwind before bed.


Read a story or listen to a comforting podcast as part of your nighttime routine. It’ll help put you in the right state of mind. Looking for more ways to improve your nighttime routine? Take the Sleep30® Challenge by Sleep Number, a free 30-day online wellness plan to improve your sleep habits so you learn to create a routine that works for you. 82% of participants experience better sleep quality. 74% improve or change a poor sleep habit.**


Since you appreciate good storytelling, you’ll love reading the results of your SleepIQ® score. This technology tracks your sleep throughout the night and gives you personalized insights every morning based on how well you slept. Share with your partner and make adjustments — such as raising or lowering the room temperature before your head hits the pillow — to get even more quality zzz’s.


Mostly 4s: Hushed Hibernator


You like to hunker down and get a good night’s sleep, which refreshes you and boosts your energy levels. The issue: Finding the perfect temperature balance. One day, you may be overheating at night but not sweating. The next, you might sleep cool at night. This kind of back and forth is entertaining at a tennis match, but when you’re trying to get some quality sleep? Consistency is key.


We recommend the Sleep Number 360® memory foam and Innovation Series smart beds, which absorbs excess heat and releases it as you cool down, so both of you can sleep just right.


Did You Know?


Research shows that Sleep Number® smart bed owners enjoy almost an hour more sleep per night than the average sleeper.*** Take a look at the selection of Sleep Number® mattresses and make nighttime one of your favorite parts of the day.


*Results from a 2020 Sleep Number survey of 1,004 respondents who reported they or their partner sometimes sleep too hot or too cold.


**Based on Sleep30® Challenge participants November 2018 to March 2019.


***Based on self-reported hours of sleep from a general population survey compared to SleepIQ® sleeper data.


Like diet and exercise, quality sleep has a profound impact on our physical, emotional and mental well-being. Because no two people sleep the same, Sleep Number 360® smart beds, with SleepIQ® technology, sense your movements and automatically adjust firmness, comfort and support to keep you both sleeping comfortably and provides proven quality sleep. Find your Sleep Number® setting for your best possible night’s sleep, and if you own a Sleep Number® bed, log in to your InnerCircle℠ Rewards account to see your exclusive offers, refer friends and more.

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