Quality Sleep for Ironman Training

Anyone who has trained for an Ironman Triathlon knows the importance of getting a good night of sleep. High volume training, day after day and week after week, requires maximum recovery from proper nutrition, bodywork, compression, and quality sleep.  If one of these recovery elements are lacking, progress in building fitness will slow, and the chance of overtraining and injury increases.

Recently my wife, Jen, entered Ironman Arizona, which takes place in November.  She’s very busy with the kids (5 of them), pursuing a second degree at ASU, and now training for Ironman.  Sleep is hard to come by, and when there’s a chance for a full night of sleep, sleep can still be difficult to come by. That is, until we found our Sleep Number® bed!

After some experimenting, we’ve discovered that a softer mattress has helped her to achieve a deeper and higher quality of sleep.  Despite her daily workload and training, she wakes up with an extra spring in her step and feels more energetic during her workouts.

Without the Sleep Number bed, we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to experiment and find the ideal mattress firmness (or softness, in her case). By adjusting her Sleep Number® setting and finding the best one for a good night’s sleep, she’s on her way to accomplishing her goals in 2017!

Troy JacobsonSr. National Director – Life Time Endurance Training & Coaching

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