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Prep to Watch Royal Wedding From Bed

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Prep to Watch Royal Wedding From Bed

The British wedding of the year is almost here, and while most of the details won’t be revealed until the day of, the most important detail for fans watching from abroad is timing.

If you’re committed to watching the entire event from beginning to end (as all proper fans of the Royals usually are), you’ll need to set your alarm for 4 a.m. EST to witness the arrival of the very first guests — the brilliantly lucky 1,200 chosen to share the day’s festivities.

These painfully early hours across the pond mean even earlier rising times for those not in the Eastern time zone. Being the busy modern you are, you’ll need to leverage that 4 a.m. start time by watching from the comfort of your own Sleep Number bed (bonus: no jet lag! and you’ll awake well-rested!). That’s why your bed is the best place to be a spectator for this once-in-a-lifetime event. So you don’t miss a minute of the big day, here are some tips:


Set your alarm clock — in style

Yes, you’ll be excited to see the dress and what the royals are wearing, but don’t rely on excitement alone to fuel your early rising that day. The night before, choose a special tone for your alarm that’s different from your usual wake-up tone. The sound of that special tone should remind you why you’re waking up before the sun. And if you bought a fascinator for the occasion — the colorful statement headpieces royal guests wear — set it on your nightstand near your alarm for an extra visual prompt. Or better yet — make your own fascinator with your family the night before as a fun DIY activity.


Prepare for your in-bed viewing party

If you don’t have a TV in your bedroom, make sure that whatever device you’ll use for in-bed viewing is fully charged for the lengthy procession and ceremony. A good rule of thumb — when you set that special alarm the evening before, also plug in your devices, ideally right next to the alarm. That way everything will be ready for the morning, and your laptop or tablet is a bonus reminder of why are rousing yourself when it’s still dark outside.


Pamper yourself

Why should the princess have all the fun? The night before, make up a tea tray (decaf, please) and enjoy an evening cuppa while learning about the History of Royal Bedchambers where public childbirth and business meetings were conducted. If you have time, maybe squeeze in a foot soak or mani to really indulge.


Prep the bed

You’ve prepared and pampered yourself, now get your bed in gear for the royal procession. Wear clean PJs and put new sheets on the bed. Fluff the pillows. Put your Sleep Number bed in lounge mode to mimic that London luxury hotel feel at home but better, because you’ve raised the head of your bed for an ultra-comfy prime viewing angle. Then, settle in for the wedding of the century.


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