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Insider Story: Opposites Attract

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Insider Story: Opposites Attract

They got married in 2004 and enjoy each other’s company immensely. But this couple couldn’t be more different—in size, shape, interests, and Sleep Number® settings.


Do opposites attract? Aaron and Samantha Kuznia seem proof that they do—at least when it comes to romance. Aaron is 6 foot 5 and weighs more than 340 pounds. Samantha is barely 5 foot 8; slim and petite. He’s outgoing while she’s more introverted. But the couple, who live in a Minneapolis suburb and are raising 7-year-old twins, say the differences between them keep things interesting. Here’s how they’re different—yet a perfect match.




He was from a small town in northern Minnesota. She grew up in the city of Minneapolis.


How They Met


“I was working as a bouncer at a bar in Grand Forks, North Dakota,” Aaron recalls. “She was studying at the University of North Dakota and would come in once in a while with friends. After a while, I stopped carding her and we went out.”


What They Share In Common


A sense of humor, appreciation for Vikings football, and hours spent watching cartoons with their twin children—a boy and a girl.


How They’re Different


He likes country music, especially tunes with a twang. She tends toward hip-hop. He’s outdoorsy—into hunting, fishing, maybe having a campfire in the backyard—while she prefers to stay indoors. “I can appreciate it, but I am not really a nature person,” Samantha says. “I’ll go to a cabin that doesn’t have TV. For me, that’s roughing it.”


Sleep Number® Settings


Aaron’s a 100. Samantha toggles between 65 and 70. “He likes it super firm,” Samantha says. “I like to fluctuate. When I was pregnant the flexibility was really important.”


Why They Purchased a Sleep Number® Bed


“When we moved to the Twin Cities and bought our first house, we decided to get a new bed. Aaron hated the bed we had. I thought it was just fine. But one day we went to the Mall of America and walked into a Sleep Number® store,” Samantha says. “We bought a Sleep Number® bed and now I can’t imagine sleeping on anything else.”


How They Sleep


“We sleep very differently,” Samantha says. “Once I fall asleep, I stay in that position. For him, sleeping is an event. It’s practically acrobatic when he flips, tosses and turns. But I only notice it if I’m awake. Honestly, buying a Sleep Number® bed is one of the best purchases we ever made.”




To learn more about Sleep Number® beds and find a store near you, visit www.sleepnumber.com.


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