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Open Up to Your Spouse For Better Sleep

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Open Up to Your Spouse For Better Sleep

You just had a fight with your boss. Your kids’ room looks like a post-tornado mess. Your dog chewed your favorite pair of shoes. No wonder stress is eating away at you, inevitably affecting your sleep. The solution? Share your woes with your hubby or wife.


Scientists at Wayne State University find that opening up about problems and emotions helps spouses sleep better.


In a study published in the journal Health Psychology, the researchers asked 47 couples to complete daily sleep diaries for two months. The participants also reported whether they revealed their thoughts and feelings to their spouses during this time.


Wives tended to sleep better on days when they disclosed more to their husbands, compared with days they opened up less, according to the findings. For husbands, greater self-disclosure during the day corresponded to fewer awakenings at night.


Why does sharing translate into higher quality sleep? If you are angry or sad about something, getting it off your chest can help. And, better mood means better sleep. Talking about what’s bothering you can also make you feel safe and secure — qualities that are conducive to slumber.


Improved sleep may in turn foster marital bliss. In a study of 68 newlywed couples published in the Journal of Family Psychology, the authors recorded how much spouses slept over one week. The researchers also asked the study participants how happy they were with their relationships on each of the seven days. The scientists concluded that when the couples got plenty of shut-eye they were more satisfied with their marriages the following day.



The reverse is also true: Happy couples seem to sleep more soundly. Read why.

Share this article with your partner as a gentle reminder of why it’s good to share your feelings. 🙂

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