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Meet Eli: 7-Year-Old Future Robotics Engineer

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Meet Eli: 7-Year-Old Future Robotics Engineer

Eli’s dream of owning a Sleep Number® bed finally came true after three years of wanting one … check out his journey in our below interview.


Eli is an especially driven 7-year-old. He loves exploring, programming and configuring electronics. So much so, his favorite toy is a robotic vacuum he likes to race! So, it’s no surprise he fell in love with his dad’s Sleep Number® bed three years ago, and has been wanting one for himself ever since.

Q: Why do you want to be a robotics engineer when you grow up?


Eli: I want to invent new robots that help people do all their house cleaning; help people clean, mop, sweep, do laundry, dishes. [side note from Sleep Number: sign us up!!!!] My dad is a civil engineer, so that’s how I learned about engineering.


Q: Why did you want a Sleep Number® bed so much?


Eli: They’re so soft and comfy. I’ve been visiting the Sleep Number® store almost every week for the last three years. Heather and Michael [Sleep Number® sleep experts] know me now, and we’ve become friends. I hang out in the store and like to help them “sell beds” and make the beds go up/down, and set Sleep Number® settings.


Eli visiting Sleep Experts Heather and Michael at his local Sleep Number® store.


Q: Funny story the day you got your Sleep Number® bed. What happened?


Eli: My mom took me to another mattress store to look at beds, but after an hour, none of them felt like a Sleep Number® bed. They felt way less soft and comfy. Plus they didn’t adjust up/down. I didn’t want anything other than a Sleep Number® bed. When my mom took me to the Sleep Number® store I felt like, oh my god, I can’t wait. Beyond excited. I can’t wait! It’s finally gonna happen.


Mom: Heather and Michael in the store were so excited for Eli too – after all these years of visits from us, Eli’s dream of owning his own Sleep Number® bed was finally coming true! Everybody cheered. I thought the store manager was gonna cry. Eli’s worth it! 


Q: OK, so you’re now sleeping on your SleepIQ Kids™ bed. What do you think of it?


Eli: Ahhhhhh it feels good. Dustin [Sleep Number® home delivery tech] came to my house and helped me put it together. My highest SleepIQ® score is 85, and my worst was 62 – I was more restless because I had a nightmare that night.


I love the air chambers and the nightlight under the bed when I get out. The light goes off and it’s like my bed’s a spaceship. That’s cool. Also, how I can change my sleep number setting is cool. Other beds don’t have the SleepIQ® app and I really like the app. I’m sleeping better than in my old bed.


Eli in his new SleepIQ Kids™ bed


Q: What’s happened with Eli’s night sweats and allergies?


Mom: Eli used to sweat a lot at night, and every morning I’d come in and all the covers were on the floor because he got so hot at night. His head would hurt from overheating. So, we got a cooling mattress pad from Sleep Number, and a new Sleep Number pillow. Now, when I come into his room in the morning, the covers are still on the bed and he’s not sweating as much, and feels better.


His allergies are better too. The bed lets us prop up his head to help with drainage, so that’s nice and helps considerably.


Q: Ever have any crazy dreams while sleeping?


Eli: Once, I had a crazy dream where I thought 1st grade was over, and I was in 2nd grade already, and I’m not. When I woke up I was ready to go to 2nd grade. [giggling …]


Q: How do you feel when you get a good night’s sleep?


Eli: Sleep helps me think in school.


Mom: That’s why we have bedtime at 8:30. Have to get a full 8 hours to do well in school. Get good grades. Get a good job, and buy mom a nice house. [laughing, nudge, nudge]


Q: Anything else interesting we should know about you?


Eli: My best bowling score is a 104 [wow!], and my bowling name is “Turkey Master.”


Mom: As Eli grows up, I want him to be happy and healthy. Important to find something he enjoys doing that he can make a living at – like using tech to help people, which he’s very interested in. He’s an amazing kid. We’re very proud of him.


Sleep Number: Well, Mom/Dad, you do everything possible to help Eli be his best – so we think you’re pretty amazing too!



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