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Insider Story: Less Cranky, More Caring

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Insider Story: Less Cranky, More Caring

Lisa Opack was feeling bleary-eyed and frustrated when she saw the solution to her problem. The 26-year-old resident of Carmichael, Calif., was working at the state fair when she noticed a nearby booth selling Sleep Number beds. For months, her boyfriend’s snoring issues had been keeping her up. And he was growing tired of her constant kicking. Could a new mattress help them sleep better and wake up less irritated with each other?


Opack stretched out on one of the Sleep Number beds and couldn’t believe how it felt. She bought one on the spot, but waited until the day before it was delivered to tell her boyfriend, Jabin. “You bought a whole new bed without discussing it with me?!” he said, shocked when Lisa told him. That night, though, they both slept like babies.


No More Tossing and Turning


Lisa is a part-time student, studying law and business, when she isn’t working her full-time job as a dispatcher for a nonprofit that finds employment for people with disabilities. Juggling a job and schoolwork has made her aware of how precious her free time is. Leftover hours are spent with Jabin—so she wants that time to be quality. And that means getting a good night’s sleep.


“I’ve always been the sort of person who put career first, and I didn’t care about sleep and quality of sleep,” Lisa says. “But as student, I’ve started to realize that having a good night’s sleep made me feel more energized in the morning.”


Jabin, who has back issues and allergies, really likes that the Sleep Number bed. He sleeps better through the night and makes adjustments if his back is uncomfortable. Often crawling into bed after 1 a.m, after working his second job at a music venue, Jabin crashes immediately and sleeps soundly. “Instead of tossing and turning, he falls asleep right away,” Lisa says.


Less Cranky, More Loving


Lisa and Jabin, who knew each other from their high school days but then lost touch, reconnected over Facebook three years ago and began dating. They eventually plan to get married—and feeling refreshed every morning has helped cement their belief that they’re a good match.


“Better sleep has definitely made me much friendlier,” Opack says with a laugh. “We both put more effort into the relationship. When you’re not cranky, you’re willing to go the extra step for the person you love.”


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