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It’s Time To Move Daylight Saving Time from the Weekend and #MakeItTuesday

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It’s Time To Move Daylight Saving Time from the Week

Recent SleepIQ® technology data gathered from thousands of Sleep Number® sleepers proves Americans get the best sleep quantity and quality on Tuesday nights – making it the perfect night to sacrifice an hour of sleep, if you must. Read on to see the science behind the switch.



What’s one hour to an entire weekend? Plenty of time to adjust, right?  Uhh no; our internal clocks have something to say about that.


Although the weekend seems like the perfect time to spring ahead, losing that hour of sleep during a Saturday night is more disruptive and detrimental to our sleep cycles than expected.  That’s because most people change their schedules on the weekends, going to bed later and sleeping in, which makes the body feel like it’s traveling across time zones.  This “jet lag” can have lasting results including feelings of anxiety, sadness, or stress – and a lack of motivation on Monday morning. In fact, Mondays are the worst days for heart attacks, traffic and workplace accidents – and these numbers are compounded the Monday after DST begins.


So, why not move the Daylight Saving Time change to a night when we’re sleeping the best? Losing an hour mid-week is easier because we’re getting more sleep and are back on normal schedules. Bonus: the weekend remains intact.


Let’s take back our right to routine. Spring ahead with the times and join us in making modern day living (and sleeping) more, well, livable. Join the conversation for #MakeItTuesday here.



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