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Is Your Home Guest-Ready for the Holidays?

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Is Your Home Guest-Ready for the Holidays?

When out-of-town family descends on your home this season, don’t let poor sleeping conditions ruin the happy anticipation and warm feelings.


Kids, parents and other family members … sleeping bags, a pullout sofa in the den. A house full of guests sometimes requires pulling out old quilts and past-their-prime pillows.


In the movies, these arrangements may seem quaint and lead to some great photo ops. But in reality, the morning-after could find someone cranky because the sofa-bed hurt their back all night and the children wouldn’t hush. A lack of sleep can set a negative tone for the rest of the stay.


While no one wants more tasks added to their holiday to-do list, some preparation can pay off when everyone is ready to tuck themselves in for the night.


Sleep like your guests


Whether you have a dedicated guest room or are wheeling a cot from the attic into your bedroom, test out the bed and the sleeping space before your guests arrive. How else will you know if the den is too drafty for sleeping, if the shades in the living room don’t close properly, or if the clock in the office will keep people awake? After eight hours in that bed, you’ll know if you need a new mattress or if the carpets need cleaning.


Upgrade where you can


Few folks can afford a bed designated specifically for guests in a separate room. But that doesn’t mean they have to suffer in the basement. Invest in a few niceties, like Sleep Number® pillows. Have foam pillows for those allergic to feather pillows. Options designed for side sleepers are a bonus.


Stock up and stack up


Aunt Alice might not want to bother you if she needs an extra blanket, but she also may feel awkward rifling through your linen closet. Stack an extra throw or quilt in the room where she’s sleeping. If cousins or siblings are bunking together, earplugs can be a godsend to those not used to sharing rooms.


Mirror, mirror on the wall


If you have a full house, chances are you have full bathrooms, too. Alleviate some congestion with a mirror in the bedroom for tasks like applying makeup, freeing up the shower for others.


Control the climate


Add a fan if rooms run warm, suggests author Kathy Bertone, in her book “The Art of the Visit.” If you use space heaters, remember to advise everyone how to use them safely, including keeping them away from bedding.


Do the laundry


Of course you put away all those extra sheets clean. But if they’ve been packed in a linen closet since last year, wash them again before you make the beds to make sure they aren’t musty.


Think ahead


If someone is sleeping in the living room or your home office, grab anything you might need from that room the night before so your guest can sleep in peace. If you still have a landline, turn down the volume.




Quality sleep is essential for optimal health, performance, and sanity. Because everyone’s sleep needs are different, Sleep Number® beds adjust to your ideal level of firmness, comfort and support. Find your Sleep Number® setting for your best possible night’s sleep.


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