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Insider Story: Recharged with Sleep Number, Jason & Anne

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Insider Story: Recharged with Sleep Number, Jason & An

Tupelo, Mississippi, is a small town with an impressive musical pedigree. You might know it as the birthplace of Elvis Presley but, of course, there’s much more to the story. For one more chapter, head over to Palmer’s Shoppers Value Foods on Main Street and ask around for co-owner, Jason Palmer, who also happens to be a professional drummer.


The store has been in Jason’s family for three generations; his grandfather opened it in 1957. Competition in the industry is especially tough for an independent grocery store right now, but Jason and his brother, who own it together, emphasize customer service and supporting their community in every way possible. “If you come in my store, somebody in the front is going to speak to you as soon as you come in,” Jason says. “It’s the cleanest store in town and also the friendliest, and we do lots of special orders.” They also donate to local baseball and basketball teams, and local schools.


Drumming, too, is in Jason’s blood: his father was a drummer and Jason started playing when he was just four years old. After college, he moved to Hollywood and went to a percussion school, then stayed in California and played professionally for about four years, in a jazz fusion band with Clint Eastwood’s son Kyle.


Today, back in Mississippi, Jason’s music career is centered on the recording studio behind his house, where he lays down tracks for musicians from around the world. “The internet has changed the music industry,” he says, “so they’ll send me songs and I’ll put real drums on them, and upload the files—a snare file, a bass drum file, and a cymbal. You don’t even ever meet the other musicians or writers.” Working this way also allows him to manage his own schedule, and keep up his duties at the grocery store. “I can record at night or on my day off, or if I’m not too busy at the store, I can just go home and do it. My set-up is ready to go. I’ve had a couple of guys call me up while I’m at the store and say, ‘Can you record something today?’ and I say, ‘Sure.’”


After years of drumming, Jason has developed some lower back pain—combine this with his full schedule on any given day, and a good night’s sleep is especially important. Earlier this year, he and his wife, Anne, a videographer, were in the market for a new mattress; their old one, Jason says, was “getting concave.” A friend recommended that they check out Sleep Number so one day, Jason went to the local Sleep Number store. The difference was immediately apparent: “I tried a couple of them out and it just hit me—I have to have this,” Jason says. “And then I drove Anne down there and said, ‘You’ve got to check this out.’ So, they helped her find her Sleep Number and she got up and went, ‘Okay, this is what we need.’” It was their Valentine’s Day gift to each other.


They bought a FlexFit and now, a few months in, “We’re tickled with it,” Jason says. “I tend to snore from time to time, and my wife will use the anti-snore feature, and it works great. And I used it on her once.”


The new bed has also changed the atmosphere of their bedroom, inspiring them to redecorate the space with a more modern look. “With the old mattress, we’d just go back there to sleep,” Jason says. “Now we go to the bedroom to watch movies and hang out.” It’s a place for them to fully recharge every evening before getting back into the rapid rhythm of life in the morning.


Jason and Anne both have the same Sleep Number setting: around 40-45



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Watch this video to see how the Sleep Number bed helps these owners celebrate their differences.


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