Sleep Number Insider, office assistant and balloon animal sculptor Isaiah with companion

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Insider Story: Office Assistant and Balloon-Animal Sculptor, Isaiah

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Insider Story: Office Assistant and Balloon-Animal Scu

You won’t find much overlap between people who work in law offices and people with side gigs as party clowns, but Isaiah Roby is here to defy your expectations, with a balloon-animal flourish. By day, he works for a public defender— “You know when you watch TV and you see all the things that attorneys do?” he asks. “I do pretty much all of that except that I don’t go in front of a jury. I file motions, I meet with clients.” And working for a defense attorney also gives him a view you won’t find on courtroom-drama shows, with their cut-and-dry cases: a broader perspective and an appreciation for the gray areas. “A lot of the people we think of as ‘bad guys’ are really not bad people,” he says.


There are even times when training as a clown comes in handy in the public defender’s office. “If kids come in while the parents are going to talk about their case, I try to protect them from everything, so I’ll juggle in my office,” he says. Isaiah worked as a party clown in high school, college and has a special talent for making balloon animals. Some of the churches in the Topeka area, where he lives, will sometimes have him come to events; they’ll provide the balloons and he’ll turn them into animals. One of his favorites to make: a baby turtle that fits in the palm of your hand.


If a balloon pops, well, you can make another one, but in Isaiah’s legal work, any mistakes can have greater consequences. It’s one reason getting a good night’s rest is important to him. Isaiah purchased his Sleep Number bed earlier this year, after trying various mattresses in stores around the city. “Most of the beds I tried weren’t firm enough for me,” he says, “so I went to the Sleep Number store and there was actually a bed that was too firm for me, so I knew I was in the right place. I’m falling asleep a lot faster. I sleep without waking up as much. I’m more rested in the morning, which helps me do my job better at work.”


Even his dog enjoys the new bed: after some trial and error, “just playing around,” Isaiah and a friend, determined that dog likes a Sleep Number setting around 40. Now, Isaiah says, “she won’t even come to my side of the bed—she’s too comfortable on her side, because she likes it so much softer than I do. I figure she’s the most spoiled dog in the world.”


What’s your Sleep Number setting? It ranges from 70 to 80.


If you could sleep anywhere, where would it be? In an underwater hotel, so when I wake up I’d see all the fish swimming around me.



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