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Insider Story: A Marriage and a Mattress

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Insider Story: A Marriage and a Mattress

Dan Guinn recently moved from Tennessee to Georgia for love. A connection through an old high school buddy had helped him meet the woman of his dreams. “We’re both computer geeks,” Dan says. “Plus, I’m a network engineer and she’s the office manager for the IT wing of a company. So she already had an idea of what I do and the kind of person I am.”


Dan was willing to give up his old routine in Knoxville for a new life in Atlanta. But he wasn’t willing to sacrifice everything: Though he didn’t take his Sleep Number mattress with him, he did buy a new one for himself and bride-to-be as soon as he reached Atlanta.


Dan had become a fan of Sleep Number after his father persuaded him to check out the brand. “My father, who recently passed away, had one and loved it. So I went to check them out,” he says.


Select Comfort had recently opened a store in a Knoxville Mall and Dan tested some of the models. “It’s a little bit more than what you’ve pay for a regular mattress, but it gives you more variables and all the bells and whistles,” he says.


The bed suited Dan just fine. And he wasn’t the only one that liked it. A friend with fibromyalgia once paid him a visit and needed to take a rest during her stay. “She conked out on my bed and came out later and said, ‘Wow, that was really comfortable,’” Dan recalls.


Dan’s fiancé also liked the mattress. Afflicted by neck pain and a herniated spinal disk, she tried a number of different beds before Dan introduced her to Sleep Number. But each had a problem: too firm, too hot, and so on. “Once she slept on the Sleep Number bed, that’s all she talked about,” Dan says with a chuckle.


The split mattress is also a welcome feature, Dan says, because of the difference size between him and his new wife: He’s 6-foot-4; she’s 5-foot-5.


“Good sleep is so important,” Dan says. “My job isn’t physically demanding, but it is mentally taxing. If you don’t get a good night’s sleep, your mind is going to wander. I need to focus on things, so it’s imperative that I get a good night’s sleep. Sleep Number definitely helps with that.”



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