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“I’m like The Princess and the Pea,” laughs Pamela Jeffrey. “At one point, I had three mattresses stacked on the floor, and I was sleeping on top.” Thanks to Sleep Number, Pamela’s fairy tale has a happy ending—no more tossing and turning. But when she’s awake, it’s a different sort of story that captivates her: horror movies and horror novels. Twice a year, she even works at and attends the largest horror convention in the Southeast. We recently caught up with Pamela to hear more about sleep, horror-movie actors, and assorted other subjects.


What do you do for work? What are some things people might not know about your job?


I’m a pricing coordinator for [a Fortune 500 company] here in Florida. For the last eleven years or so, I’ve also worked at a horror convention twice a year, usually around April and October, where I run the ticketing.


How does your job schedule affect your sleep?


At the convention, I’m basically on the whole time, for days. So I don’t get much sleep, and I don’t have my Sleep Number bed there in the hotel. I toss and I turn and I can’t wait to get home.


What are your hobbies or interests outside of work?


The horror convention is great. There all kinds of people who work in horror films, with different kinds of events and a film festival for up-and-coming filmmakers. About 15,000 people attend. I’ve met so many people, like the guy who played Freddy Kreuger, Robert Englund. Most of the horror-movie actors are awesome people. They’re down-to-earth, they’re fun to talk to. I had the pleasure of working with Ricou Browning, who is the original Creature from the Black Lagoon, at our convention this past April. He’s in his 90s, but he still loves his fans—it’s something that he lives for.


I like anything Stephen King does. I can remember my mom introducing me to Stephen King novels when I was a kid—here’s little eight-year-old Pam reading a 1,400-page novel. And I loved it!


What do you do to unwind before going to sleep?


I try to turn off all electronics at least two hours before bed, except my Kindle. When I’m in bed, I love reading vampire novels, too. I think I’ve read everything by Anne Rice and Stephen King two or three times over.


How long have you had a Sleep Number bed?


Eleven years. I’m on my fourth—I started with a twin and I’ve worked my way up to a king.


How has Sleep Number helped you thrive?


When I go to bed, I know that I’ll feel refreshed in the morning. I went years without having a proper mattress, and if I had to go back to that, it would be my own personal horror story.


I’ve told so many people about my bed. My mother’s best friend bought a Sleep Number bed because I was giving it such high praise, and some people from the horror convention have gotten beds, too. And my boyfriend had to buy one if he wanted us to live together at his place.


And, finally: What’s your Sleep Number setting?


It ranges from 30 to 35, depending on how my back feels. I like a soft bed! My boyfriend is a 45.



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