Sleep Number Insider and Elvis fan Rachel Brown with family.

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Insider Story: Comfy Beds and Blue Suede Shoes

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Insider Story: Comfy Beds and Blue Suede Shoes

Rachel Brown wore blue suede shoes at her wedding. It wasn’t just a fashion statement—it was also a nod to her favorite singer, Elvis. Her wedding song was “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You.” Her father—who passed his own love of The King down to his daughter—dressed up as Elvis for the occasion. And for her five-year wedding anniversary, her husband took her to Graceland.


Rachel was born more than a decade after Elvis died, and her friends are sometimes perplexed by the fact that she’s such a fan. But to her, it’s just natural. She’s been around his music forever— “It’s my sanctuary,” she says. “His voice is like caramel. It’s so relaxing.” She likes the hits, of course, “but also random, off-the-wall ones from movies, which you don’t hear a ton,” like “Young and Beautiful” from the movie Jailhouse Rock.


Listening to Elvis is an especially nice counterpoint to the stresses of her job. By day, Rachel works at Johns Hopkins, advocating for oncology patients by helping them get their insurance companies to cover oral chemotherapy. It can be a bureaucratic battle sometimes but, she says, “We’re trying to get them the best quality of life, no matter how much time they have left. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows.” For many patients, oral chemotherapy is a key quality-of-life measure—rather than being hooked up to an IV for hours, they can complete treatment in their own home, on their own schedule.


Rachel also kickboxes regularly, four to six times each week. It’s a great workout, a fun de-stressor. And when she comes home after a long session—and hours at work—she looks forward to a good, long rest on her Sleep Number bed. “It’s been a tremendous help with my recovery,” she says. “After working all those muscles, when I get into a comfortable position, it’s like heaven.”


Rachel and her husband, Jason, got their Sleep Number bed last October. Like many couples, they preferred different levels of firmness— “he liked it super hard and I liked it super soft,” Rachel says. “Or so we thought.” As it turns out, now that they’ve figured out their Sleep Number settings, they’re actually the opposite: he likes it soft, she likes it hard. Rachel broke her shoulder about four years ago, and she sleeps on the side she broke. “I always thought the hard surface was irritating it,” she says, “so when we first got our Sleep Number, I went low, and that was making it hurt even more. So, I tried going extra firm and now I don’t have any more issues.”


Thanks to the assist from Sleep Number, Rachel is back in action, ready to kickbox, fight for patients, or bop around the kitchen with her kids, ages seven and eleven, the next generation of Elvis fans.


If you could sleep anywhere in the world, where would it be? In an underwater hotel! They’re really expensive so it will probably never happen, but I think it’s so cool. There’s also a place in Iceland where you can sleep in a glass igloo and watch the aurora borealis. But it would probably be too exciting—I don’t know if I’d be able to sleep.


What’s your Sleep Number setting? Rachel’s is around 70 and Jason’s is around 35.



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