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Insider Story: 3-year Old Sybil’s Joint Pain

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Insider Story: 3-year Old Sybil’s Joint Pain

“Sybil didn’t have an appetite. Over time we noticed she wasn’t running as much as a normal three-year old should,” says Sybil’s mom, Stacey Kelsch. “She was waking up every night all night long. She complained that her joints hurt at night. She quit walking and sitting up. Soon, even her spoon was too heavy and she couldn’t feed herself.”


The current diagnosis? Juvenile arthritis. There’s a 20% chance she’ll grow out of it, but that’s not the norm, according to her mom. So, parents Stacey and Joe from South Jordan, Utah, are doing what any parent does. They’re taking care of their little girl, and recently found significant relief in a new Sleep Number bed.


Typical day for 3-year old Sybil:


  • Wakes up and works with mom to walk as much as possible. The more she can move her joints, the better she’ll feel. Doesn’t move too much.
  • Parents carry her out to watch cartoons. She’ll walk around and start feeling better.
  • Mills around the house and plays toys; watches her older siblings play games.
  • Noon nap until 2:30.
  • Start all over again.
  • Walks down the hall, motivated by the opportunity to get to her baby sister.
  • Eats lunch.
  • Play Barbies and tea party with siblings. Sometimes goes downstairs but not often since it hurts. If she’s having a really good day, she’ll go downstairs in her home. Otherwise, usually hangs out upstairs with mom.
  • Dinner.
  • 7pm movie, bed and massage. Really, really likes to watch her movie in her comfy new Sleep Number bed with the head of the bed elevated.


Sybil’s grandparents recommended Sybil try a Sleep Number bed, after being very happy with their own. So, the Kelsch family visited their local store, desperate for anything to help. Sybil hobbled into the store with very low energy. Being a stubborn three-year old, she didn’t want to get on the bed. But, eventually she laid in the Sleep Number bed, and what happened next surprised everyone.


“Sybil didn’t want to get out of the bed. She stayed in it for about 30 minutes. Then, all of a sudden, she started running around the store,” says Stacey. “Sybil doesn’t run. She doesn’t play like that. She hobbles around at home. We were in complete disbelief.” I wasn’t sure if the bed was really going to be worth it, but after seeing this I thought holy cow, yeah! This is going to be awesome! We ordered one on the spot.”


The first night sleeping on her new Sleep Number bed, Sybil slept 11 hours straight. The second night she slept 12 hours straight. She still has ups and downs based on what medications she’s taking, but even with all her pain, her bed is her favorite spot to be.


And, as any parent can relate, having a better rested three-year old has helped her and her family’s dynamic so much. Stacey says it’s easier to be a parent and a family now. Sybil is a lot nicer to work with because she’s happier, and in better spirits overall. She’s also less irritable with her four siblings.


“It’s only money. Sleep is way more important. You can’t go without sleep for that long. You need rest. We were unsure if we wanted to spend that much on a bed, but it’s worth every penny. Sybil’s sleep is worth it,” says Stacey.


Sybil’s Sleep Number setting is 40.


Learn more about Sleep Number beds at and Meet Eli the 7-year old future robotics engineer and why he wanted a Sleep Number bed so much.


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