Becca and Garrett from Bachelorette snuggle in thier Sleep Number bed with their white puppy at the foot.

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In the Bedroom with Becca & Garrett from Bachelorette

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In the Bedroom with Becca & Garrett from Bachelorette

A year after America got to know Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen on The Bachelorette, the couple has settled into a happy, quiet life together. They travel lots, but also recently moved into a home near San Diego, where we recently spoke to them about what they’re up to these days and how their Sleep Number bed is helping their relationship.

Hi, Becca and Garrett! Thanks for chatting with us.

A lot of people know you from The Bachelorette and have kept tabs on you through social media. Are there any things that might surprise people about your lives?

Becca: I’m sure to outsiders, our lives look really exciting and glamorous. And they are sometimes! But we’re also very chill, normal people. We like to have our quiet time. We’re not always traveling or going to events—we like to be at home and watch a good movie or cook dinner together or lay in bed and just talk.

You’re always on the go and traveling a lot. How does sleep fit into your broader wellness goals and self-care routine?

Garrett: This is the first month that we’ve actually been home for two consecutive weeks. After being crammed in airplanes and cars and hotel beds, it means a lot to come home to well-rested sleep. It keeps us healthy.

Becca: You go through college and you never really think about how important sleep is. Once you’re out in the real world and working and traveling, sleep becomes so much more important, and you can’t just run off a few hours. My day is so much better when I’m rested—I feel more alert and I’m not cranky. So that’s been important for us with our busy schedules right now.

You got a Sleep Number bed a few months ago. What drew you to Sleep Number?

Becca: I’ve slept on a regular spring mattress my entire life. When Garrett and I started living together, I had a small bed of my own and I knew that one wouldn’t cut it—it wasn’t comfortable and there wasn’t enough room. I’ve had some friends and family members who have had Sleep Number beds for a while and they’d just raved about it. For me, the kicker was all the added features. I love to sleep warm, because I’m always cold. So the fact that it had the foot warmer was great. I also love to read in bed, so I Iike the split top. Garrett can sleep while I sit up and read, or I can sleep while he’s watching TV.

How do you like your Sleep Number bed so far?

Becca: I’m loving it—and I’m not just saying that! I’ve gotten the best sleep of my life, because I can totally adjust everything toward my own body and needs. I’ve always been a pretty restless sleeper, and I’ve had a hard time getting into that good, deep sleep, and this has helped so much. My bed is my cloud and my happy place.

Garrett, I understand you’re a snorer. Has the bed helped with that?

Garrett: Definitely! I snore the most when I’m flat on my back, so if I just tilt the bed up a little bit, that makes it go away.

Becca, I’ve heard that you like to have a lot of blankets when you’re sleeping. Do the two of you still have a lot of temperature battles?

Garrett (laughing): There are still some battles!

Becca: We’re still getting used to it and I honestly don’t know if that’s something that will ever change. I hog all the blankets. Two nights ago, Garrett was going, “I was freezing last night because you stole the comforter!” I like to cocoon up and wrap it all around my body. It’s been great to be able to switch on the foot warmer, and Garrett can do his own thing and be chill. We just sleep very differently.

What else is in your bedroom? Give us a tour.

Garrett: She has a campfire candle next to the bed. And we put a small TV in there because Becca was tired of me falling asleep on the couch while watching TV. And she has a book next to the bed, so she can sit up and read. But for me, pretty much the second I get into bed, I fall asleep.

Becca: In the past, I just had a ton of clutter and a lot of stuff on the walls and shelves. But when we moved to the new place, we wanted to keep it pretty simple. So it’s white walls, minimal artwork. We have a little plant in the corner. We have a bunch of Sleep Number pillows. And the one thing that I need for the best night’s sleep is my baby blanket. I still sleep with it—I tuck it right under my face. It’s nice to have something that’s comforting. And I have my books. I try to read for at least thirty minutes each night before going to sleep. Lately, I’ve been into suspense and mystery novels. I’ve been reading one called The Lying Game by Ruth Ware.

Do you check your SleepIQ scores every day?

Becca: Yes, we love it! It’s great to see all the information in the app. We have a little contest going on between us to see who got the better sleep score.

Okay, what were they last night?

Becca: Last night, mine was 80.

Garrett: I was 78.

Becca: Okay, I won! But also, we’ve been dog-sitting his parents’ dog, who crawls all around, so that’s impacting our numbers. Sometimes they’re higher.

How do you approach self-care and sleep when you’re on the road?                            

Becca: We try to stay extra hydrated, especially on a long flight. In terms of sleep, we’ve learned to just get comfortable wherever we are. I pack my blanket and my book. Garrett can pass out anywhere.

You’re planning to do the Sleep30 Challenge later this year. Can you tell us more about that?

Becca: Yes, we’re going to do it sometime when we don’t have any trips planned, so we’ll be home as much as possible. It’ll be interesting to see what our overall outcomes are and how our bodies are feeling at the end of it. I think it’ll be helpful.

What’s your morning routine?

Garrett: I get up right away and go work out.

Becca: If I don’t have anywhere to be, I love to get a cup of coffee and lay in bed and read a book. But lately, I’ve been trying to get up with Garrett sometimes.

Garrett in bed with white bedding, small white dog curled up next to him.

You’re from different parts of the country, so are there any particular regional things that each of you has had to explain to each other?

Becca: It happens all the time! Garrett thinks Minnesota is very flat because he grew up by the mountains. I think when he first came to Minnesota, he was shocked. And when I first went to Reno with him, I wasn’t used to the mountains—it felt weird to me. There are also little things. I say “pop” and he says “soda.”

Garrett: That drives me crazy sometimes.

If you could sleep anywhere—with your Sleep Number bed—where would it be?

Garrett: That’s easy: in a cabin overlooking Lake Tahoe, under the stars.

Becca: Anywhere near a lake. I would have the door open so I could hear the waves and let them rock me to sleep. Maybe Lake Tahoe. Or Prior Lake, where I grew up.

Finally, what are your Sleep Number settings?

Becca: Mine is 20. I like it pretty soft.

Garrett: Mine is around 35 to 40. When I first started out, I was more like 70 but I’ve adjusted it.

Becca (laughing): He’s gotten soft!

Garret: I do still change it sometimes! Like, if I’ve been working out a lot.

Thanks, Becca and Garrett!

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