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The Importance of Restful Sleep During the Holidays

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The Importance of Restful Sleep During the Holidays

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“Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.”


Oh, if only that were true.


As we get closer to the holidays, it seems like we’re sleeping less and less, and stressing more and more. That just ain’t right. And it certainly won’t help you get into the spirit of the holidays when you’re sleep deprived. In fact, you’re far more likely to be a downright Grinch. (And nobody likes a Grinch!)


You need sleep. It’s a fact. Lack of sleep can leave you feeling scatter-brained and cranky, especially around the holidays. Did you know less sleep can have adverse effects on memory retention, too?  When you have presents to buy, parties to attend, and countless things to do, it’s pretty important to remember all of those obligations.


Decreased memory retention is just one of the negative impacts of not getting enough sleep. Yet sleep is often the most common thing that we sacrifice in order to complete other tasks. I’m all for an early morning workout, but even that can be a negative thing if you aren’t getting sufficient sleep the night before. It may seem like the right choice, but sleep is absolutely crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle—even before exercise. When you’re thinking about staying up late to finish up some wrapping, cooking or cleaning before guests arrive, think about your health (not to mention your sanity!) instead. Things will come together (they always do!), but they will be immensely more difficult without the proper amount of sleep.


Here are a few more reasons to make sure you get enough sleep over the holidays:


  1. You’re less likely to get sick when you sleep well
  2. You’ll make better diet choices
  3. You’ll have better relationships at work and at home


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