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How to Start a Family Dreams Journal

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How to Start a Family Dreams Journal

Nightmares may bring the kids or grandkids to your room in the middle of the night, but have you ever asked about their best dreams — the kind they didn’t want to wake up from?

Instead of focusing on the bad dreams, invite your crew into the parental bed on a regular basis to share their dreams, whatever those dreams look like, or how they define them. Maybe it’s their most memorable deep-sleep dreams, their most imaginative daydreams, their highest aspirations, their zaniest inventions or their adventure ideas.

Share yours too — all in a family dreams journal.

How To Create a Family Dreams Journal

Like any new family tradition, establishing a habit is the key to success.

  1. Find the supplies. Grab a lined or unlined journal (if your family likes to doodle, unlined may be best) and some gel pens or markers so you, your partner, and each child can have their own color. Keep everything in the same place, like your bedside table, so anyone can review or add to it anytime.
  2. Set a date. Pull out the family dreams journal on a lazy Saturday morning when the pillow wrinkles are still fresh on your little one’s cheeks, in the bathroom during their regular morning or bedtime routines, or at a restaurant during Friday pizza night. You could leverage this new tradition as a family activity, or as individual parent-child bonding time. Just make sure you commit to at least one day a month.
  3. Dream outside the box. Keep the exercise open-ended — there are no wrong answers. If your toddler wishes she could fly, or if your teen dreams of winning the Nobel Peace Prize, let them. No silly daydreams, outrageous fantasies, or future hopes are shot down, compared with a sibling’s, or evaluated like a homework assignment.

Ready, Set, Dream

If you’re unsure how to get started, here are a few writing prompts:

  • Last night, I had the best dream about…
  • The funniest or craziest dream I ever had…
  • When I grow up, I dream of being…
  • My dream for our family is…

Let the previous entries inspire you, too. Take the first few minutes of each month’s dream time to review what you wrote last month. Reminiscing counts as family bonding, and gives you something new to discuss as a family.

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