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How Couples Support Each Other at Home [Insider Story]

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How Couples Support Each Other at Home [Insider Story]

Find something to do together—but make also on your own terms.

For Jill and Jeremy Renken, “together” time starts as soon as they wake up at 4:45 a.m. and head straight to the gym. “Working out has always been my thing, but I told him it doesn’t have to be his thing,” Jill says. “If he wants to work out, cool, I’ll support him, but I want him to do it because he wants to do it.” But one day, Jeremy decided to join her—and they’ve kept it up. “Unless I’m traveling for work or sick, I’m in there with Jill,” he says. Even now, though, they find it best to find their own path. “We both work with a trainer, who programs different workouts for us, although we’re working out side-by-side,” Jill says.

Be there for the small things every day.

Rachel Kotiah and her fiancé, Austin, work different schedules. She works full-time and takes evening grad school classes, while he’s a police officer who works from 1:00 p.m, to 1:00 a.m. “We’re kind of shifted, so the time that we get together is really valuable for us for us. We don’t want to have any unnecessary arguments stemming from personal things going on—we want to make the most of that quality time.

Support the big shifts in life.

Not every day brings major changes in who we are and what we do, but when those times come, it’s critical to be there and work through a plan together. For Michele Sandifer and her husband, Ben, one recent shift happened when Ben decided to go back to school. “I’m very supportive of that,” Michele says. “I think as regardless of his career, I think it’s just, it’s always good to be learning.”

Support hobbies and interests.

You don’t have to like the same things, or do the same things—it’s natural for couples to have different interests, and for each person to have something that’s theirs alone. But it’s also essential for everyone to understand that underlying passion, and to offer encouragement. Michele says that Ben is “always supportive of whatever crazy ideas I have. I just started using a Cricut [a special cutting machine used by crafters]. He bought me my Cricut and he also just recently purchased a t-shirt press for me, because I wanted to make t-shirts.”

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