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Holiday Prep: Kids, Guests & Fitness Know-How

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Holiday Prep: Kids, Guests & Fitness Know-How

The holiday season is here. And its busy, busy, busy. You’ve got gifts to wrap, cookies to bake, and a house to clean for the awaited arrival of your guests. Yet your kids still need your attention and can’t forget about taking care of yourself either. No sweat, right? Below, we’ve got some tips to help prep for family and YOU this holiday season.


How To Get Your Kids to Sleep During the Holidays


For many children, winter holidays are their favorite time of year. But all the excitement that comes with special traditions, festive decorations, extra candy and time off school can make it tough for parents to get them to sleep. Below are some helpful ways to get your kids to fall asleep sooner.


  • Exercise and fresh air during the day. Plan a family football game or nature walk. Kids playing outside all day will tire them out making it easier to fall asleep when bedtime rolls around.
  • Stick to a bedtime routine. Even when school is out, stick to your kids’ regular bedtime routine. This will help keep them in the swing of things when school is back in session.
  • Relaxation. A warm bath, comfy PJs, and warm milk can help relax and put your child in a sleepy mood


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Get Your Home Guest-ready


When out-of-town family descends on your home this season, don’t let poor sleeping conditions ruin the happy anticipation and warm feelings. While no one wants more tasks added to their holiday to-do list, some preparation can pay off when everyone is ready to sleep.


  • Think ahead. If someone is sleeping in the living room or your home office, grab anything you might need from that room the night before so your guest can sleep in peace.
  • Upgrade where you can. Your guests don’t have to suffer in the basement. Invest in a few niceties, like Sleep Number® pillows. Have foam pillows for those allergic to feather pillows. Options designed for side sleepers are a bonus.
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall. If you have a full house, chances are you have full bathrooms, too. Alleviate some congestion with a mirror in the bedroom for tasks like applying makeup, freeing up the shower for others.


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Don’t Forget About “YOU” – Stay Fit This Holiday Season


Trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the holiday hoopla may have you despairing until the new year. But, stay the course; there are ways to remain fit and healthy through the season, while still enjoying that extra slice of pumpkin pie. These strategies can help you survive the holidays without missing your favorite treats.


  • Don’t skip your workouts. If you don’t have time for your full routine, schedule time for a few sessions during the week, even if it’s just an extended walk with your dog or 30 minutes over your lunch hour.
  • Never arrive hungry. Before going to a party, have a high protein-and-fiber snack, such as half a turkey sandwich on sprouted grain toast, an apple with almond butter, or flax crackers with a piece of string cheese.
  • Choose your splurge. When you go to a holiday party, choose one food item that you cannot live without and then fill the rest of your plate with protein and vegetables


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