Haunted Places to Get Some Shut-Eye (Maybe)

Think you have what it takes to sleep among the paranormal? This Halloween, consider checking in at one of these supposedly haunted stays.


Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum, Fall River, Massachusetts

True crime aficionados can sleep where Lizzie Borden was infamously accused of axing her father, Andrew, and stepmother, Abby, to death in 1892. Acquitted, Lizzie lived the rest of her life here, about an hour south of Boston. The home is open for tours and overnight stays, which include an evening tour. The B&B’s owner claims she has experienced unexplained shadows, doors opening and closing on their own, and a floral scent that comes from nowhere.

Other ghostly accommodations in the region include The Kennebunk Inn, Kennebunk, Maine; The Inn at Jim Thorpe, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania; and The Historic Naples Hotel, Naples, New York.


The 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Considered by paranormal experts as America’s Most Haunted Hotel, the Crescent reportedly boasts a cat spirit named Morris. Most of the ghosts are said to be former patients of Norman Baker, a con artist who purchased the failing Victorian hotel in 1937 and opened Baker’s Cancer Curing Hospital. But his curative elixir was nothing more than watermelon seed, brown corn silk, alcohol and carbolic acid. Three years later, after numerous patients died, Baker was jailed on charges of medical fraud, and the hospital closed. The hotel reopened in 1946. The ghosts are said to include two workers who fell to their deaths and a lady in Victorian lingerie who has reportedly appeared in room 3500.

Elsewhere in the region try the Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans; The Marshall House, Savannah, Georgia; and Edgewood Plantation Bed and Breakfast, Williamsburg, Virginia.


The Pfister Hotel, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Professional baseball players who stayed here have reported seeing and feeling the presence of ghosts, according to MLB.com. Some refused to return. Charles Pfister, the hotel’s founder, is said to haunt the halls, concerned about the well-being of guests. Visitors have spotted him on the grand staircase and walking the gallery above the ballroom. The Pfister’s Room with a Boo! package includes overnight accommodations, breakfast for two and a keepsake book, “Milwaukee Ghosts.”

Elsewhere in the region try the Holly Hotel, Holly, Michigan; The Buxton Inn, Granville, Ohio; and the Historic Bullock Hotel, Deadwood, South Dakota.

In the West

The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

Horror movie buffs can spend the night where the movie version of Stephen King’s The Shining was filmed. The Stanley embraces its macabre pop culture status with a ghost adventure package that includes a room on the haunted fourth floor, a K2 meter to detect paranormal activity, and a REDRUM mug per guest (REDRUM is “murder” spelled backward, a key movie plot point). The Crescent’s Halloween Twin Terror Weekends feature the Redrum Mystery Dinner and The Shining Ball. The original proprietors, F.O. and Flora Stanley, may also haunt the hotel, according to Stanley lore. At night, you may hear Flora’s Steinway piano playing on its own.

Elsewhere in the region try the Hotel del Coronado, Coronado, California; the Palace Hotel, Port Townsend, Washington; and McMenamins Grand Lodge, Forest Grove, Oregon.


Hotel Monte Vista, Flagstaff, Arizona

Eternal guests of this art deco hotel include a phantom bellboy who knocks on doors announcing “room service,” a little boy roaming the hallways and attempting to hold the hand of guests, and a couple dancing merrily in the cocktail lounge, according to the haunted history on the hotel’s website. In room 305, the ghost of a woman has been seen rocking in the chair near the window. Two prostitutes were allegedly murdered in the hotel in the 1940s, and male guests often report feeling hands covering their mouth or throat. The guests awake unable to breathe.

Elsewhere in the region try Victoria’s Black Swan Inn, San Antonio, Texas; St. James Hotel, Cimarron, New Mexico; and The Stone Lion Inn, Guthrie, Oklahoma.