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Insider Story: Why She Hauled This Bed to Japan

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Insider Story: Why She Hauled This Bed to Japan

Kendra Madrid knew how to make a beautiful bed. The right pillows. A comforter. Blankets and a pillow top. It looked like heaven and for years, she and her husband retired to paradise every night.


But a decade later, Kendra, a resident of Vancouver, Washington, found herself wondering if perhaps her perfect-looking bed wasn’t so perfect after all. When she and her husband went away on vacation, they both slept better. After staying with relatives for a few days, going home often meant a return to tossing and turning.


“Ten years in, our bed still looked pristine, so I made the mistake of thinking that because it looked pristine that it was in perfect condition,” Kendra says. “It was kind of an emotional blow to realize I was wrong.”


Crazy About Good Sleep


As Kendra and her husband began thinking about replacing the bed, one memory in particular surfaced. They had gone to visit her aunt and uncle in Minnesota, a couple who had a Sleep Number bed and raved about it. “They thought it was the cat’s meow,” Kendra recalls. “They were crazy about it.”


It wasn’t long before Kendra and her husband paid a visit to the local mall, testing a Sleep Number bed. “We loved that you could adjust the numbers to your individual comfort level,” Kendra says. “It was more than we were going to spend, but we splurged.” More than 20 years later, they still have their original Sleep Number bed.


“I became a poster child for Sleep Number. I told everybody about it,” Kendra says. “The transformation was almost instantaneous.”


The couple found they slept longer and better on the Sleep Number mattress. No longer was Kendra grouchy and irritable in the morning. She felt more patient and peaceful. Even other people (especially, she says, her husband) benefited: “I was more compassionate and longsuffering. I told my friends, ‘A Sleep Number bed could save your marriage.’ As a couple, we had never realized that sleep played such an important role in making everybody calmer and happier.”


Putting a Mattress on a Plane


A few years ago, Kendra’s passion for Sleep Number even led her to transport one to Japan. Her son, stationed in the Far East with the U.S. Navy, was furnishing his living quarters and needed to invest in a mattress. “I told him, you’ll never find anything better than a Sleep Number bed,” she recalls. Shortly thereafter, she found herself lugging a mattress in a cardboard box through customs in Japan, then stuffing it in a tiny car (“Everything in Japan is tiny,” she says), and then assembling it in her son’s apartment.


When her son relocated to Spain, the bed went with him. “And he’s going to take it to Cambridge, England, when he goes there to study next year,” Kendra says.


Kendra’s enthusiasm for Sleep Number is not unique, but it is pronounced. Still, she doesn’t care if friends, family, and even strangers roll their eyes at her insistence that they, too, should invest in Sleep Number mattresses. “We love our bed,” she says. “We’ve never stopped loving our Sleep Number bed.”


To learn more about Sleep Number® beds and find a store near you, visit www.sleepnumber.com.




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