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Insider Story: Good to Great

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Insider Story: Good to Great

A good night’s sleep makes everything better. It may even improve a marriage that’s already good.


Rob and Lori Wachter have been married 35 years. They met in high school in Minnesota. He was on the football team. She was a cheerleader. When he broke his arm during the first game of his senior year, she was at his side almost immediately. Three years later, they were married.


“We get along really well,” Rob says. “We have a good time together.” A shared sense of humor helps. Similar taste in music too. The only place they part ways is food: “She’s big into onions and garlic and I’m not,” he says. “But if I complain, she says, ‘Eat it or leave it.’” She’s mostly kidding, of course. He hasn’t left yet.


A few years ago, however, they realized a bad mattress was having an effect on both of them. “There was a crater in the middle, and it seemed to just get bigger and bigger,” Rob says. “I didn’t sleep well. I’d have to twist around into different positions to avoid that stupid hole. I’d wake up feeling sore.”


After nights and nights of tossing, the couple took the recommendation of a family friend and decided to try out a Sleep Number bed. A trial run in a store convinced them the benefits would be worth the investment. “It makes a lot of sense, because you can adjust it,” Rob says. “And the separate chambers help. Lori is a lot smaller than me, and sleeps better. If I wake up or move around, she doesn’t bounce up and down.”


This summer, Rob and Lori plan to spend lots of weekends with their grandkids on a lake in central Minnesota. Staying at the family cabin is fun, Rob says, and the couple loves boating on the lake. But sleeping on a regular mattress for a few nights can be tough. Getting back home means getting better rest on their Sleep Number bed. “You wake up refreshed,” Rob says. “You’re not sore. You can sleep for a whole eight hours.”


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