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Gift Yourself the Perfect Night Sleep This Holiday With Help From These Devices

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Gift Yourself the Perfect Night Sleep This Holiday Wit

The holidays are a great time for a lot of things, but rarely are they ideal for sleep. Between trying to shop for everyone on your list (online shopping is exhausting, too) and perfecting your turkey recipe, it can be hard to get some quality shut-eye. That is why the only gift you need this year is a perfect night’s sleep. We partnered with Sleep Number to highlight the devices that will make it easier than ever to get the rest you deserve. Check out a list of our top picks below.


Under Armour Recovery Sleepwear


Under Armour teamed up with NFL quarterback Tom Brady to create a set of tech pajamas that helps your body rebuild while you sleep. The print on the inside of the sleepwear uses advanced recovery technology that absorbs your body’s heat and reflects it back onto your skin in the form of Far Infrared waves to help reduce fatigue. This process can speed up recovery and promote a better night’s sleep.


Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

If you thought it was hard to get out of bed before, wait until you try the Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed. The mattress can automatically adjust its firmness and support according to your movements while sleeping. The sensors also track how well you sleep each night and records the personalized insights in their SleepIQ app.


1 Voice Eye Mask

This Bluetooth enabled eye mask is perfect for blocking out the outside world. The memory foam mask will prevent any light disturbances, while the over-the-ear headphones will lull you to sleep to your favorite tunes.


Philips Wake-up Light


The Philips wake-up lamp will make you happy to rise and shine. With the help of its dimming light, this device will make you feel at peace as you to drift to sleep. In the morning, the soft simulated sunrise and natural wake-up sounds will help you rise naturally feeling rested and refreshed.




Quality sleep is essential to a healthy and happy life. Sleep Number® beds are designed with that in mind. You can adjust each side to your ideal level of firmness, comfort and support to create your perfect Sleep Number® setting. Plus, when you add SleepIQ® technology, you’ll always be informed of how to get your best possible sleep.

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