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Insider Story: Fit and Refreshed

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Insider Story: Fit and Refreshed

A love story…


It started with bagels. Mike Doyle was on his way to church in Minneapolis one Sunday morning when he noticed an attractive woman in front of him at the bagel shop. Sarah Wuest, the woman, who had just left church and was picking up some food, noticed him too. Mike noticed the worship bulletin in Sarah’s purse and realized they attended the same church but went to services at different times. He tried out his smoothest line: “How was today’s homily?”


The two struck up a conversation and discovered they were both divorced, both had two boys, and both came from large families. By the time they’d reached the cashier, they had exchanged numbers. “I guess you could say it was a mix of luck and divine intervention,” Mike says.


Living a Healthy Life


Mike and Sarah are both Baby Boomers—he’s in his 60s, she’s in her 50s—and they care deeply about their health and fitness. They rise early most days, and Mike makes coffee and sometimes a smoothie for his wife before she heads off to work as a business analyst at the local university. A retired pharmacist, Mike spends his days doing work around the house and volunteering as a driver for seniors and other folks who need transportation to and from appointments. Both are avid walkers and hikers and they regularly work out with a personal trainer. “Living a healthy life is important to us,” Sarah says. “We like to eat well, exercise, and stay active.”



A few years ago, when they moved to a new home, Sarah and Mike decided to purchase a new mattress—hopefully one that would give them solid sleep and contribute to their overall sense of healthy living. Several friends had recommended Sleep Number beds, so the couple visited a store to test out a mattress. The quality and comfort impressed them, but the price was a factor they had to consider: Was a Sleep Number bed worth the price? They ultimately decided it was. “You’re in a bed for eight hours a day,” Sarah says. “We really felt it was important to get something that was going to be equally comfortable for both of us.”


Individual Comfort


The adjustability of the bed was intriguing to both Mike and Sarah. Though neither of them has significant sleep issues, they like the idea that they can adjust the settings whenever they wish. Recently, shoulder soreness led Mike to alter his settings—otherwise, he’s a solid 60. Sarah prefers the range of 35-45, something softer.


Perhaps to their surprise, the couple’s experience with Sleep Number has made them enthusiastic advocates for the brand. They recently persuaded Sarah’s mother—now in her 80s—to purchase a new Sleep Number mattress. “We were just so gaga about the Sleep Number bed, that my mother went out and got one herself,” Sarah says. “It truly is just pure comfort.”


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