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Everything About Temperature and Sleep

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Everything About Temperature and Sleep

Now’s the perfect time for a refresher course on staying cool and well slept.




You’re lovin’ summer and havin’ a blast. Whether it’s staying up later or quenching your thirst with cold cocktails that can disrupt your sleep, chances are your sleep schedule is a tad off. When we’re ready to zonk out, hot nights and sweaty sheets, not to mention the itch of mosquito bites suffered while having said blasts, can keep us awake. Here’s what else is contributing to summertime sleeplessness, and what you can do about it.




Walking on sunshine is one thing. Sleeping on it is quite another. In our rush to embrace the best of summer, we might forget to slather on the sunscreen before we head out. Or we might fall asleep at the beach or in our backyard hammock and wake up as red as the soles of those designer 4-inch heels. Sleeping with a sunburn is as delicate as walking on those stilettos, but it can be done. How to sleep with a sunburn offers tips on how to prep your sunburned skin from the inside out to get a good night’s sleep.




You’re hot, so you blast the AC. And now he’s cold. It’s bad enough you have trouble sleeping during the summer, but if your significant other has summertime sleep issues, too, that can lead to a bedtime showdown. In fact, 75 percent of couples can’t agree on their bedroom temperature. Before getting into a roaring match in the heat of the moment, follow these helpful tips on summer temp sleep battles. The experts at Sleep Number recommend setting the thermostat between 65-67 degrees for optimal sleep.




During the summer heatwave of 2016, research using SleepIQ technology data found that for every 10 degrees that temperatures rose above the national average, people lost an average of two to three minutes of sleep. If you’re going to get a refreshing, good night’s sleep, do it right. Tips to stay cool through the night and the perfect temperature for sleep offer actionable steps you can start incorporating tonight. The more you know about how temperature affects sleep, regardless of season, the less you’ll be feeling hot, hot, hot. Sweet dreams are made of this.




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