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The Essential Books to Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle

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The Essential Books to Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle

This month at Sleep Number, we’re focusing on healthy living. Three of our brand ambassadors have shared their book recommendations along with their insights as to why you might want to read them. Topics range from healthy eating to a native Mexican tribes’ ability to run hundreds of miles without rest or injury. We hope our picks inspire you!

The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom


Chanel S., Influencer & Social Media Specialist


How did you hear about Whole30?


My mom and I discovered it online and decided to do it together. The Whole30 is a 30-day clean eating program designed to help people live healthier, better lives. What I love about it is it’s not a diet—it’s a lifestyle. It helps you form daily habits of clean eating and smarter choices, ultimately for your health and happiness.


What impact did you want Whole30 to make on your life?


I learned so much throughout those 30 days. The program opened my eyes to see how much junk Americans eat daily, and challenged me not only to read labels and know what I was putting into my body, but also to be disciplined. It also encouraged me to get creative with meal planning and recipe ideas, which was actually kind of fun!


Did anyone do Whole30 with you?


My mom did it with me. She’s a wizard in the kitchen; she was like my ace-in-the-hole. She’d help plan the meals we made each week (separately in our own kitchens), so I knew the food would be good if I was creating the same meals as she was.


What was most difficult or surprised you about doing the Whole30?


The most difficult part for me was the social implications of Whole30. Meal planning during the week was a breeze, but when it came to weekend plans with friends, things got difficult. But, you can do anything for 30 days with a little discipline, right?


 *Side note: on bad days, I referred to it as the Hell30.


Why should someone give Whole30 a try?


It is an extremely impactful program for health and discipline. SO much happens to your body throughout those 30 days. In fact, there’s an entire day-by-day timeline of what the average participant experiences, available here. Lastly, I noticed so much improvement in my body—increased energy levels, my headaches went away, and I felt great about myself!


How do you eat an OREO?


I eat an Oreo from the inside out. Eat all the frosting first, then the cookie part.



Chew on This!


Jen L., Sr. Brand Copywriter


What is Chew on This! about?


“Chew on This” is a young adult version of “Fast Food Nation” by Eric Schlosser. It’s about the fast food industry: where the food comes from, how it’s prepared and what’s in it, and how the industry targets children.


In what way has this book impacted you?


My daughter read it three years ago when she was twelve, and it had a huge impact on her—she hasn’t eaten fast food since. Before that, it was convenient for a quick bite at rest stops and airports; now we bring our own snacks. I was surprised she took such a strong stand, which is a testament to how powerful the book is.


What was most surprising to you about the fast food industry?


My daughter was shocked by the inhumane treatment of animals at slaughter houses. For example, chickens are kept in extremely close quarters and boiled while they’re still alive. She was also surprised that not all French fries are vegetarian.


What do you think about the availability of fast food in schools?


I think schools should be teaching kids about healthy eating, especially since obesity is such problem in our country. Bringing fast food into schools makes it incredibly easy for kids to make unhealthy choices, and makes it seem like schools are condoning those choices.


Why should someone read this book?


At a time when it seems like there’s a fast food restaurant on every corner, this book is a great opportunity for kids to learn more about the food they eat. It helps them consider their personal values and understand how their choices can have an impact not only on themselves but also on the world.


What is your favorite fast food restaurant and why?


Applebees is the closest we come to fast food. Does that count?


How do you eat an OREO?


When I was little, I broke Oreos apart and ate the filling first, then the chocolate. Now I eat the whole thing in two bites while hiding from my kids.


Born to Run; A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen


Kaitlyn S., Social Media Manager & WeRunMPLS Founder


What is Born to Run about?


It’s about a native Mexican tribe – Tarahumura Indians – who are the ultimate endurance athletes of the world. They can run forever – hundreds of miles at a time without injury. It also gets into the science/physiology of running and the way that the human body is made – we’re actually “born to run”.


In what way has this book impacted you? 


As a runner, it’s inspirational. I’m Intrigued by the sport of ultra-running and recently finished an ultra-marathon myself. Learning more about the way the human body is designed and how it’s connected to running is intriguing.


What intrigues you most about running?


For me, running is often about solitary time. It’s a chance to be refreshed, get outside, and hear sounds of nature. Although, it can be a solitary time for me, it’s also brought community into my life (running club: WeRunMPLS) – running binds people together.


Tell us a bit about your running club and why you started it?


I started a run club in Minneapolis, WeRunMPLS. I started it to build community – bringing people together regardless of their pace, ability, or background. Running was the excuse but community is the purpose. It’s cool to see people establish friendships – we also have a couple that met through this group.


What is the most difficult race you’ve ran, and why?


Two years ago, I set out to do my first 50K (31 miles) – in race format this is the shortest ultra-distance. I was struggling with an injury that year and decided to run anyway. I did not finish it and for me that was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do (running-wise). I’ve never quit a race before and I don’t like quitting. This year, I started the race again, and I finished! Although tough, it was a big accomplishment for me.


Why should someone read this book?


If you’re interested in the sport of running or endurance sports, this is a very inspiring read.


How do you eat an OREO?


They must be Double Stuf. I stick a fork in the frosting and then hold the cookie on the fork in a glass of milk until you see bubbles rising to the top – that’s the perfect sogginess!




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