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Book Club: DIY Books to Improve Your Home and Career

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Book Club: DIY Books to Improve Your Home and Career

Loveable Liveable Home


Erin R., Social Content Specialist 


What is Loveable Liveable Home about?


It’s a New York Times best seller about a couple who share their tips and tricks on how to make your home stylish and functional. Tips range anywhere from kids to pets, and entertaining your guests. I liked how real they are even when something goes wrong. Followers appreciate their authenticity. Check out their Instagram: @younghouselove


What intrigues you most about DIY projects?


I like taking my time coming up with things to fit our space and lifestyle well. Anywhere from putting the right thing up on wall or finding the right side-table or bench. It’s more meaningful that way than buying a bunch of stuff all at once – reason why my house is half empty (ha!).


What has been the most fulfilling DIY project you’ve done so far?


My husband and I are most proud of putting together our guest bedroom. It was fun picking out the paint color, redoing the baseboard/trim and installing a built-in closet. We love to have people stay over.


Is there a particular style you like for your home?


Rustic. But in a clean way. I really like natural wood. Not everything needs to match but how will it complement our home?


How do you eat an OREO?


Now, I really like the Oreo thins. But when I was younger, I would twist the cookies off, and eat the frosting first.


The 360° Leader


Chris V., Social Community Specialist 


What is The 360° Leader about?


The 360° Leader is about three main points: 1) Leadership is nothing more or less than influence. 2) You can lead from any part of an organization. And 3) Leaders start leading even before they become a leader.


What characteristics do you see in a good leader?


The three characteristics I see in a good leader are the “3 c’s”, character, competence, and connection. Character is, “Can I trust this person?”, “Are they good for their word?”, and “Do they have integrity?”. This is the foundation, and if you don’t have that, you have nothing. Competence is, “Are you good at what you do?” and “Do you have something to offer?”. Lastly, is Connection, which is “Who can you get to know?”. A leader has to create a genuine relationship with the people they’re leading – knowing that this person cares.


Are you in a leadership role?


I think everyone is! Your leadership role starts when you enter an organization. Most of authority I’ve generated comes from the “3c’s” above – I’ve never had a formal leadership title.


Do you feel you can lead without the “leadership title”? 


If a decision maker is going to hire someone, they need to look at, “Does this person demonstrate leadership?”, and internally, “How are they seen in their team?” If you want to be in a leadership role, I think you must show leadership before you ever get there.


How has this book had an impact on your career? 


It’s changed how I’ve approached relationships in general. It’s changed how I work and how I interact with people. I try to accomplish one of the “3 c’s”, and it’s helped with every opportunity I’ve had since reading the book.


How do you eat an OREO?


Slowly. I can’t eat as many as before, because I’d have to go to the gym every time! (ha!) But if I did, I’d like to eat a sleeve as I did when I was a kid!


Paper to Petal: 75 Whimsical Paper Flowers to Craft by Hand


Maddy H., Digital Designer 


What is Paper to Petal about?


It is a book about Rebecca Thuss. She is a fantastic photo stylist. She is known for the crafty elements she puts into her concepts. She was a Martha Stewart stylist and I always admired her work. When she came out with this craft book, I was super excited about it because it coincided with some of my own styling – crafting paper flowers.


How did you get into crafting flowers?


Specifically, I had been looking for paper flowers for a shoot I was working on, which ended up being featured on STYLEMEPRETTY  and MNBRIDE MAGAZINE. This book came out at the exact time I needed it. It was very inspirational and helped me with techniques to paint, fold and curl the crape.


What types of events have you styled recently or in the past?


I’ve done a lot of editorial work. I’ve partnered with publications such as STYLEMEPRETTY, MNBRIDE and ONCEWED. I teamed up with a friend to style for a publication on MARTHA STEWART WEDDING’s blog. I have always been interested in crafting for events – may that be for birthday parties or crafting homemade gifts.


How do you come up with themes?


I take the same approach when I do art direction. Typically, when I prepare for a photo shoot, I find an overarching theme, then I gather a ton of inspiration, an overall look and feel, as well as color pallets/textures.


What inspires you to create?


I’ve always been a creative person. I come from a non-creative family, but they’ve always been supportive of my creative endeavors. I went to a competitive art school, which taught me how to balance old and new technology. Not always using a computer but your hands as well. Having well-rounded skills opened doors for things I may have never been exposed to.


Do you prefer crafting over digital design?


It depends on the day. I do love working on the computer. Doing things with your hands, so you’re not always reliant on the computer, is beneficial too.


How do you eat an OREO?


They must be Double Stuf. I scrape out the middle, and eat the cookies, or go for the full sandwich dunked in milk.



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