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Become a Dad Joke Superstar With These 8 Tips

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Become a Dad Joke Superstar With These 8 Tips

Comedy is a universal equalizer. Opinions may differ on politics and sports, but laughing brings everyone together. Dad jokes especially are harmless, clever, and, if delivered properly, capable of inspiring a hearty laugh.


Of course, a joke’s success depends on the right delivery. There’s a nuance to a top-notch dad joke. Overtired and cranky means you may not hit the right rhythm. And if you’re audience is under-slept (read: overtired) they may not appreciate your humor.


For the well-rested among us, there’s a cheesy dad joke for every scenario.


Wake Up Laughing

What do we want?

Low-sounding airplane noises!

When do we want them?


Why it works: For starters, you’re getting a great dad joke off to start the morning. But for maximum effect, tell this one to the kids before they’re even out of bed. In doing so, you’re also functioning as an alarm clock with your best impression of a soaring airliner.


Breakfast of Champions (Gigglers)

Bacon, eggs and toast walk into a bar. The bartender says, “Sorry, we don’t serve breakfast here.”

Why it works: At this point in the day, you’re feeling extra sharp. In addition to showcasing your wit, maybe you’ve got magic hands and can entice your bacon and toast to walk across the table while you’re telling this joke. The eggs might be a bit messier.


Brushing Your Teeth

What’s a dentist’s favorite time?

Tooth hurty!

Why it works: You can even try saying this one while the recipient has a mouthful of toothpaste. The potential is low for a spit take, but how cool would it be to see one?


At the Water Cooler

I watched a documentary film about beavers over the weekend. In fact, it was the greatest dam movie I’ve ever seen.

Why it works: Whether waiting around for a fresh pot of coffee or congregating in the kitchen, coworkers love to talk entertainment. While they were binging on the latest Netflix show, you’re busy with another activity: joke telling. Practice makes perfect, after all.


Inspiration from Sean Lowe

Here, former Bachelor star, and Sleep Number bed owner, Sean Lowe, shares one of his favorite dad jokes.


Meeting a Client

Ever tried to eat a clock?

It’s so time consuming.

Why it works: In the history of meetings, there has probably never been one that didn’t involve small talk. Sure, you could talk about the weather, or your weekend. But if you really want to impress them, line up this dad joke and knock it out of the park.


Game-time Guffaws

What kind of box plays football?

A jukebox.

Why it works: There are plenty of football dad jokes, many involving financial situations featuring a quarterback (Why did the coach go to the bank? To get his quarter back). Bonus: Wait until there’s an impressive juke on the field.


Bedtime Chuckles

Knock Knock.

Who’s there?


Goat who?

Go to sleep.

Why it works: You’re curled up in bed, ready to doze off after a successful day of making people laugh (or groan). But there’s time for one more joke, right? And it’s practical advice! Hey, where are you going? The couch isn’t very comfortable. Come back! Okay, no more dad jokes … at least until tomorrow.


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