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Connoisseur Couple Knows Bourbon, Travel & Sleep (Insider Story)

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Connoisseur Couple Knows Bourbon, Travel & Sleep (Insi

What is Your Bedtime Routine? How Do You Unwind at the End of the Day?

We typically don’t watch television at bedtime. Lights stay on for a little while. We’re very much an automated home, and when we tell the lights to go off, the lights go off. We usually go to bed at the same time every evening. I’m usually logging about seven to nine hours of sleep, depending. I try to hit eight, because if I’m six or six and a half, I’m crabby. Reed is able to fluctuate a bit more with his timing. If he gets five hours, that’s his tipping point. We pretty much go to bed at the same time, but he’ll usually get out of bed before me.

What Do You Like to Do Outside of Work?

We travel to visit friends and see different things. We really love Italy and Greece. There was a little town that we visited on the island of Sicily, called Taromina, that we fell in love with, and we’d love to go back there for a week or more. We also like checking out interesting bars—we’re collectors, hunters, and consumers of bourbon. We just did a trip to New York City and Reed had done some investigation of bars around Manhattan, so we hopped around. We really ought to blog about some of this stuff! But we never do—we pass this information on to our friends.

We’d Love to Hear Your Tips. What Should We Know? 

I think, above all, regardless of what the item is—if it’s bourbon, if it’s wine, if it’s cheese, if it’s bread, whatever—eat what you like, drink what you like, enjoy what you’re having. There is no hard, fast rule about anything. As far as seeking out a bar [for a good bourbon], you just have to do some homework. You want a place that has a wide a variety of product but is not price-gouging and has a good vibe. The original intent of bourbon was to be a common-man’s drink! You have to talk to local folks to get the best information. 

What Drew You to Sleep Number in the First Place?

The flexibility of the product and the warranty. I had gone to a store and took a look at the product, and I bought one, a queen size. I had that bed for seven years and talked to numerous friends and other folks, advocating the product. Then I decided to go up to a king size and got a Sleep Number i10 bed with a FlexFit base. Loved it. I have that in my house in Saint Louis. And then I moved to Houston two years ago, and I’ve still got the house in Saint Louis. The queen-size bed moved into the guest bedroom and the king-size is in the master bedroom there, and got a new king-size for here in Houston, another i10.

Do You Find That Your Bed Helps You Get Better Rest?

Absolutely. The first one, the queen-size, was before SleepIQ existed. And I’m an IT person—I do consulting—and data is everything. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. As soon as I got a bed with the SleepIQ technology inside and started seeing what effects the various factors have, it’s very interesting. What happens if you tweak this or that? My SleepIQ score is usually in the 80s.

Going Back to the Topic of Travel: If You Could Sleep Anywhere in the World, Where Would it Be?

Reed: Fiji.

Jayson: I think it would be cool to sleep in one of those over-the-water huts, or on a beach somewhere.

And Finally:  What’s Your Sleep Number Setting?

I’m a 35 and Reed is a 40. But that changes, depending on what’s going on. We’re close enough to each other, number-wise, but we do vary from time to time, if we’re super tired or our back is hurting. I travel for work, and that’s one thing that kind of stinks: I don’t get to sleep on the bed all the time. Coming back from a lengthy trip, I may adjust the setting a bit to ease back in to what I’m used to.

Thanks, Jayson and Reed!

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