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Chat with HGTV® Dream Home Designer, Brian Patrick Flynn

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Chat with HGTV® Dream Home Designer, Brian Patrick Fl

How many HGTV homes have you designed?

2018 is the 22nd annual HGTV® Dream Home. I’m the interior designer of eight different HGTV homes so far.


You describe using “livable modernism” design in this year’s HGTV Dream Home 2018. What does that mean?

Livable modernism is surrounding yourself with things that are necessary, but also comfortable and personal. It’s playing with interior architecture, simple furnishings, and a few one-of-a-kind elements that add personal touches.


How can people make their homes more livable modern?

By editing everything down to only items that are practical, then paring back the decorative things to those with a great mix of scale, shape and proportion for a well curated touch, and opting for furniture that has clean, crisp lines.


What’s your favorite part of the bedrooms in the HGTV Dream Home 2018?

In this year’s HGTV Dream Home 2018, I love the natural light from all the windows, and also the incredible views of the Puget Sound.


Smart home features are on the rise. How does technology play into your home designs?

I think comfort is becoming the most important design element in the home, and since so much smart technology is sleek and non-intrusive to a home’s decor, tech is now something that can make every room both inside and outside the house comfier and more cozy.


What is your favorite color to use in bedrooms and why?

Blue-grey because it’s neutral and serene, and also super-duper versatile with all different styles and moods.


All of this year’s HGTV Dream Home 2018 bedrooms have Sleep Number® beds. If you had to pick one bedroom to live in from this house for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?


Hands down the master bedroom because of its view of the water.


You mention Puget Sound’s amazing views in this home. Besides windows, how can people bring the outside environment inside their homes for extra inspiration and tranquility?

Paint, textiles and art are how I honor the vernacular and bring the outdoors in. Sometimes in subtle ways and other times more literal.


Tell us one fun fact about you that people may not know.

I am a Spelling Bee champion.


What’s your favorite thing to do during your own bedtime routine?

I sleep with four Sleep Number pillows: three leaned up against the headboard for perfect head support and then another under my knees for a little elevation, and it’s the perfect way to wind down after an active, long day.


Thanks Brian. This all spells P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N.


To view more photos of HGTV Dream Home 2018, including all the beautiful bedrooms with Sleep Number beds, visit http://www.hgtv.com/design/hgtv-dream-home/2018/galleries.


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