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She Shares What It’s Like Working on NFL Digital Team

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She Shares What It's Like Working on NFL Digital Team

Haselwood works for NFL Digital Media as a user experience, or UX, designer. One of her duties is collecting information from football fans to make sure they have a positive experience when logging on to their favorite NFL app.

Of course, every day doesn’t extend beyond her desk.

Did Somebody Say Fantasy Football?

With the millions of football lovers who rely on apps to check scores and make Fantasy Football picks top-of-mind, Haselwood and the UX team, digital labs, and special projects teams at NFL Digital Media’s Culver City office devise new digital projects and make sure everything online matches their football-minded vision.

She spends a lot of time with fans, too.

Every three weeks a group of four to six lucky super fans visit NFL Digital Media’s Culver City office to provide feedback on current projects, to experiment with (er, test) NFL digital product prototypes and give feedback.

The testers, who represent a variety of backgrounds, races and genders, are carefully selected from a marketing database of fans who use NFL products such as Fantasy Football, Haselwood says.

Tailgating, Sports Bars & Event Research

Occasionally, they take their research on the road. They’ve collected data at the Super Bowl, training camps, Pro Bowl, the NFL draft and the scouting combine, where teams can vet potential draftees.

“Some of the most fun we’ve had is attending tailgates before the game, talking to fans about their experiences,” Haselwood notes. “We definitely make it a point to visit a local team bar to see how fans are interacting with the game, and study how people keep up with scores when they miss games, things like that.”

Yes, that’s right: Part of her job requires her to spend time hanging out with football fans in bars.

Helping People with Disabilities

The company also focuses on creating a smooth user experience for NFL fans with disabilities. For example, all NFL sites are compatible with screen readers, which are commonly used by the visually impaired.

For Haselwood, the ultimate goal is making sure no fan misses tapping into their game highlights, exactly when they want them.

Not Just an Employee

Haselwood isn’t just a designer, she’s a fan too. She constantly checks in to get the latest news and score updates on her favorite teams. Like many NFL fans, or just smartphone users, that means logging in before bedtime, right when experts say the light of devices can have the most negative impact on sleep patterns.

She’s mindful of reducing eye-strain for viewers whenever possible through intentional text formatting and making large blocks of words easier to scan.

“We also chose to go with blue as the predominant color for our navigations as it’s much easier on the eyes than our NFL red would be,” she adds. That’s the reason the NFL app icon changed from red to blue earlier this season, she explains.

Use Blue Light Filter on Apps For Better Sleep

Haselwood recommends using a blue-light filter and exploring the nighttime mode features on your digital devices, which create a reddish hue on screens to help keep sleep cycles in check.

After all, she’s got a Fantasy Football team to check on. That work sleeps for no one.

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